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  1. ran the second adventure tonight and ran into a question for everyone Aragorn has a skill card - Thorongil that converts any test to wisdom his greatest attribute. The card says discard this skill to test for wisdom. Does that mean discard the skill he is testing? For example discard might and test wisdom instead making it a permanent card? or does that mean discard the skill card to test for wisdom? The card doesn’t explicitly say discard this card when used edit: Got an answer today. It gets discarded because all cards are considered “skills”.
  2. Where did you get the paint? What kind of paint do I need?
  3. Just wanted to throw this out there. What is everyone doing to protect the miniatures? Has anyone had an issue with villains or heroes getting their weapons bent while keeping them in the bag with everything? Probably overthinking this one lol But just curious if anyone had issues with the game bag and everyone jumbled in them. Thankfully so far I’ve had no issues at all keeping them all in the plastic bags that they come in.
  4. So I can’t answer the question on how it relates to the other games but I just purchased this last week and got everything. So far I am really impressed with how everything is put together. The app integration, the quality of the game pieces, everything flows really smooth. If you are a lord of the rings fan I think you will really enjoy it. Some of the drawbacks. The rules take some time to learn. YouTube is a powerful tool while reviewing the game manual. A lot of the characters don’t make sense, like Bilbo and Aragorn teaming up. But I think it’s meant to be fun, so don’t expect the game to be tied closely to the movies or books. Overall I give this a 10 out of 10. They clearly put a lot of thought into the game, the app, the game seems balanced so far with Pace and enemy activation. Plus the fact that I can play at Solo, or with friends was a huge plus for me. This is something I could definitely see myself doing by myself. So far my friends who have played it with me seem to really enjoy it. * I do believe they are making more content. They are regularly adding more campaign stories in the app. Plus they are hinting at a big expansion next year already. But yeah it’s extremely expensive. But no regrets so far
  5. When does the new expansion come out? I can’t find a date, just pre-order now info
  6. i see what you're saying but in this event the boss figures are actually extremely well done. I'll gladly throw my cash for this expansion
  7. That is extremely awesome! Thank you for replying with this great info
  8. Reading over the rule book i had a question on the dual wielding aspect. 12.2: If the hero chooses multiple items, all items that they choose must have at least one stat in common, and the chosen state must match an icon that is on all of the items that the hero has chosen I know with Gandolf he starts off with two weapons but they are of different traits so he can't use them at the same time. However if he had two weapons that tested either might or wisdom he could use both in his attacks. My question is how does that work? Let's just say Gandolf had two weapons that tested his wisdom and during the test he gets 2 successes. Do those two successes get applied to both weapons in two separate attacks? Or for the wisdom test does he draw 4 cards each weapon in two separate attacks? Sorry for all the questions but I'm interested in learning more about the dual wielding aspect of the game and would like to get your thoughts on this. Thanks again
  9. Last question. Do you get to keep all of the prepared cards in between adventures? Or do you start over every adventure? Sorry for all the questions! But you guys are helping a lot
  10. That is awesome! I was looking at a Gandalf card - greater power and it was all bold... strike, sprint, guard, test, hide and your post clears that up. thank you 🙏
  11. Good morning everybody. Quick question I’m prepared cards and how their discarded. I always thought anytime you used a prepared card you discarded it and reshuffled during the rally phase in hopes of drawing again but I read some other posts about how the prepared cards are actually permanent unless it specifically states to discard. Is that true??
  12. Thanks for the response! Last question with the ranged provocation; If someone is within range, but on an adjacent tile, doesn’t movement trigger a provocation attack? But interaction with a token doesn’t not cause a provocation attack?
  13. Thanks 🙏 personally this helps a lot. Plus I had no idea ranged attackers won’t attack if provoked in range. 🔥🔥
  14. Hey good morning all! Last night I finished my first full adventure with my friends and I have some questions about rules. By the way I’m loving the game and I used the shadowed paths expansion as well. - When interacting with a token, If an enemy is exhausted they can’t attack right? In this scenario I was trying to get into the lair but a bowman was within range but exhausted from a previous battle. - when interacting with a token you have to provoke all enemies in range of attack right? I was trying to get into the lair but I had to provoke 3-4 different enemies before doing a single interaction action. Is this right? Seems like a quick way to get killed off lol - Aragorn s travel garb. It says discard 1 face down damage if taken. It seems I’ve run into two interpretations of this rule. #1: in combat if you take damage face up and it tells you to facedown that counts as a negate 1. Rule #2: receiving face up damage is not the same as facedown damage and the garb has no effect on negating damage if it doesn’t specify “take face down damage”. For rule 2 if I take damage face up and it says to flip it facedown it wouldn’t negate damage. Can someone clarify the travel garb and it’s damage effects? - difficult ground (expansion): the difficult movement doesn’t effect the whole tile right? Just the parts with the icon? And what happens if you go into difficult ground on round 1 and after the shadow/rallie phase can they feeely move out without discarding cards? Rule book list says they can’t enter and exit in the same turn without discarding a prepared card - what’s the point of the terrain cards? Are they just a reminder of what all the tokens do with zero impact on the game? thanks for reading all 🇺🇸
  15. thank you! this clears up the travel garb for me. I've been watching a YouTube series rolling solo and he is removing each damage that gets flipped faceup to facedown. I was very confused and it didn't sound right.
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