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  1. I’m advocating raising the pice of most ships in general, so that 4 ship lists have to have smallish ships with less atk like basic ties or M3-A’s. T-70 is an example of 7 health with 3 atk that you can fit 4 good ones. Alphas are basically the same with what can take and do. I’m sure there are others... Some Ace’s are too cheep. Vader is better then a Delta Defender but same price. It seems you can fit more in a list sense 2E came out and especially sense so many ships including Defenders got reduced. I think 2 great, 3 good, or 4+ Okay ships should fit in a list. The 4 T-70 or Alpha is 4 good ships. The 5 A wing even is a little much because what you can fit on them. You can do 5-6 tie v1’s with missiles and Fire Control also. So increases prices across the board. Not Defenders, or other things that are already not played because they aren’t good enough for cost.
  2. Delta Defender is 67, so is Darth Vader. A Defender is for sure better then a Tie Advance, but who would choose an I1 defender over an I6 Vader with all he can do and how versatile he is? I see 3 defenders could be Oppressive. I used to run 3 myself in 1E. (I did not win that much but maybe I’m just not good at the game.) But now I can’t seem to make a list with a Defender, that would not be better if I took it out and put in Vader, or Fel, or a number of other good ships. The price point is just so high. 4 Good ability T-70s with 7 health and talon turns fit in a list. 5 Good A wings fit. 4 crazy defensive M3-A’s.... and so on. Defenders have a free evade and a white 4K. But that also makes them predictable and easy to block, unless you use Advanced Sensors which makes them less predictable but takes away their evade token and costs 10 more pt. Defenders are great, but not broken in 2E. So can we limit Defenders to 2 per list and lower the cost? Or, even better, just increase the cost of most things like Vader and T-70s so the Defender price makes sense, and so games don’t have so many ships to move each turn. Thoughts?
  3. Cool. I did not realize it was not out yet. Thanks.
  4. my app shows no has no energy. How dose it work? I have no idea. Dose it even count as a missile attack?
  5. Dose Seyna Marana kill Stealth Device?
  6. Dose her ability “HIT?” Can I kill a stealth device with it?
  7. Seyn Marana 34 (basic tie) Markmanship, Targeting computer Rexler 96 Advance Sensors, Predator, Homing Missile Delta 69 FCS total 199 Looks to me like Seyn can get hits under shields. Rexler opens those up with H.M. or just hitting. Probably hard to pull that off but Seyn is cheep and still a little scary. Delta blocks for the team. Do I need a bid? Is predator on Rexlar worth? Is T.C. on Seyn worth? Is Seyn worth at all?
  8. Right. So give me a Defender I can use. Not Vader. But I6... OR make Ryad affordable. Or even make Onyx Affordable. Keep Delta 67 but maybe make Onyx like 69... so I can fit a good ace with them. And make Ryad the 74. I honestly don’t know but from talking to you guys it seems ONLY Deltas are seeing tournament play.
  9. Shoot you’re right!
  10. Ryad pt fortress 97 Advance Sensors, DAREDEVIL, Homing Missile. Countdown bate 48 hull upgrade Scarif support 55 T.C., C,Ree, Shield Upgrade 200 look what Ryad can do... hard boost left, turn left, 3-5K facing the same direction just behind where she was before!!! ok ok Ryad is stressed. But NOBODY expected that crazy trick. It will take them two turns to get arc again and by that time I’m gone! I’ll win IF I can keep Ryad alive after killing a ship and a half. Countdown can be replaced with Dutchess or Pure Sabacc. With Targeting computer. Maybe it’s bad, BUT IT’s COOL right? Ya ya no maybe?
  11. 🐝1 🦋2 🐝2 🦋1 🦋3 C.R. The butterflie is a defender. fisrt it boosts, then turns left, then 4k the bee is a x wing or whatever. Thinking you will just 4K, it talon rolls, and now defender is on its tail. worth?
  12. ST-321 and FCS seems redundant. Also I’m not sure you should try to use a Lambda as an attack ship. Even the Reaper is bad at getting arc but that Lambda... Unless they want to jousts. But probably not cuz u got Defenders. I like the FCS on the Deltas but it looks like that may be up for discussion.
  13. Ok well here you probably have a lot more experience, but at least FCS seems good and cheep. Your right I don’t want to take locks so the FCS lets me NOT do that as often, wile still being a threat to high Green die ships. HLC Fig told me can deter ships from blocking the predicable 4K. I would change it to Homing Missiles maybe to kill stealth devices. Ciena can go. Shield seems good. Saves 2pt I think I can handle AA. I played a Striker some times in 1E. It was odd at first but way fun. I can see how that can get out of hand with a bigger base though. I don’t want to add a new ship cuz I want to keep T.O. on the Reaper for white coordinate. So Homing Missiles or....???
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