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  1. That makes sense, thanks for the response! I'm coming from D&D, so there is a lot of unlearning, but I'm really loving the Genesys system.
  2. Ran my first Genesys session the other night and it went great! We're playing in the Android universe and the party is a biker gang. The one thing I noticed is that vehicles seems to slow down the narrative. Granted, my players and I are still learning Genesys so we will improve with experience, however, I heard some advice on the Dice Pool Podcast that I think could help. They mentioned only having one skill check on a player's turn. This is a no brainer in grounded combat, but when the players are on bikes moving between zones this becomes more complicated. For example, a player wanting to move a zone through traffic would naturally require a Driving check, and then once they reached the zone to shoot their pistol would require another ranged combat check. How could I combine these two actions to help keep things flowing more quickly and support the narrative? Thanks!
  3. Hi, new to Genesys and I've been doing some research about the "blue wave". It seems like the consensus is that no more than 2 boost dice should be allowed in passing to another PC so that it doesn't break the game. Is this in addition to the Assist maneuver, or inclusive of it? For example, a PC takes an assist maneuver, along with a combat action to attack a NPC, and rolls enough advantage to pass 2 boost dice to another PC. Since the Assist maneuver adds a boost, would that add to the 2 boost rolled, making it 3 boosts? Or, just cap it at 2 boost? How are you vets doing it? Thanks!
  4. DELETE, got my answer
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