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  1. Grabbed 2 bxs and an arc from my local store. I understand the pain of it all, but we are in a year where everything is kinda messed up. The releases are back up, though, and we should probably just be happy about that
  2. I haven't played Legions a ton, recently. Is the Rebel AT-RT just not used? Too many people don't seem to know it exists, or that the weapon stats are the same. Maybe it's just new people not knowing, but it seems odd to have so many people not know that Rebels had access to a these. Maybe it's armor? I heard it's worse nowadays, along with dodge tokens, but it can't be this bad, right? I'm genuinely curious. From what I recall, Rebels ranged from trash to god tier (Wookies-Tauns).
  3. I honestly just feel as if dodge needs a buff, at least on rebels. Critical just cheapens the only thing which really made rebel troopers shine, or even rebel vets to an extent. The idea of ignoring vehicles has always bothered me, too. Like, I get it, rules wise, but...something about just allowing a heavy tank to harass you feels off, even if it allows you to win Edit: Anti vehicle weapons needed a buff. Critical feels like a cheap addition, really.
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