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  1. Ah nuts. . .just started getting involved in this forum after getting into the game and hanging around for a year and it gets shut down; well, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. 😔
  2. Agreed, you MUST know where to point it and have a plan how it will affect the battlefield, squad pusher, or ordinance platform. You probably want to make it specialized into one category otherwise it's probably not worth the points for a ship you can easily outmaneuver. I think it just leans into that imperial vein of specialization, whereas the munificent is just able to do anything well, and be just used in any role battle-dependent like a better assault frigate. Find that niche, and I think it is quite good, though probably not better than a Muni. (Tried it with ARCs and hyperspace rings/boosted/flight commander and boy that was fun...)
  3. Same here, just missing a squadron peg from my republic core set.
  4. Is that bucket only nav tokens? And I thought I liked nav. . .
  5. Have you tried Miniature Market? That's where I preordered my Republic starter from ( it just came today🤗). Also It WAS officially released on Dec. 4, and taken off preorder from FFG then. Otherwise maybe GameNerds has it but it seems their preorders were delayed (These are all U.S based).
  6. Those are Hapan Battle Dragons (the round ones) and Hapes Nova Battle Cruisers (the other one) and are large capital ships used by the secluded Hapes Consortium. (see wookiepedia).
  7. I ordered one arquitens in the same time frame, it came about a week and a half ago, (I live in Minnesota) so it's probably just taking a while to get them shipped internationally, hopefully nothing to worry about.
  8. Ah. Did not notice that, that balances it a lot more.
  9. Interesting...What then will become of APTs? will they get a decrease as well? or are they doomed to fall into obscurity? Either way this bodes well for other, actually overpriced upgrades.
  10. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/11/23/ready-for-battle-1/
  11. 1.5 Wedge card: 50 points, 5 hull, speed 3, 4 blue anti squad, 1 black anti ship, defence tokens 1 scatter, 1 brace. Text: If rogue squadron is present on the field Wedge gains keywords grit, counter 3, assault, and an additional scatter token, and enemy attacks are treated as obstructed.
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