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  1. Hello there! I'm writing from the italian community. Unfortunately we have been cut off from localization since operative Luke and Vader, but the community is growing by the way. I hope we are going to meet somewhere on international or local tables soon. I would like to ask if some of you experieced this scenario on beam cannon with TX-130 Saber: You are shooting with Arsenal 2 on a troop, you critically hit it, but you don't kill all the minis in that unit. Then you proceed by attacking using the second beam attack a second unit at range 1 from the previous attack and on Saber LOS. That unit has just 2 minis and you kill them all. By killing all minis of that unit now that unit in no more at range 1 of a third unit. Is that true? Will the beam stops if it kills completely a unit? Will this stops your beam chain attacks? If you go with your immagination the beam starts from the first attack and goes till the end, it's supposed to be a single energy beam crossing the battlefield, but if you follow the rules a unit that is no more present on the field it can't be at range 1 of another one. If this second case is the true one, it may also be relevant how to choose your casualties under beam fire to stop the chain attack. This "beam chain stop" may also happens at the first attack. If that is true you probably need to redirect your primary weapon somewhere else and hope not to kill all unit minies, which is quite weird. Need your experience to solve this. Thanks for help. Alessandro
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