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  1. >.< well I’m thinking spells with her maybe? I am also excited about it lol, I just don’t know exactly where to start. I thought about maybe building her entirely support? So any heal spells and things like stand together maybe? Also she can things like blood rite, maybe it’ll be a good time to use it?
  2. Hmm I guess I’ve always viewed kukri and knife in the same vein, well why not take: machete Or fire axe but I guess if you can’t splash into those, it’s a good card? Also idk if I’ve ever had the mystic/survivor/rogue be the damage dealer or tank, so I guess I would like it more if I didn’t always have a guardian in my group? I guess also free restless damage will be useful if I can ever convince my group to play hardest difficulty lol. Hmmm, what about: Carolyn Fern i don’t think she’s bad but I’ve never ever played her, and have always viewed her as a “lesser guardian” any examples of why she’s not?
  3. Ya I feel that’s the problem, inconsistency. Really hurts to see that 1-3 when I could just get straight 1 or 2, never much cared for luck lol. I guess like you said a token manipulation deck might run it since it’s already something they do. So do we feel Winchester might be the first “bad” card we’ve looked at so far? One with very little redeeming qualities and combos? Or is it still useful? Anyone feel free to add a card lol, here is my next one (I’m scrapping the barrel here personally lol, I feel most cards I see are useful): Kukri Tell me how to use this card lol
  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t to a miskatonic asset imply you can only do 1 damage to any rather than if you could apply to each it would say so? Also correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t this damage mean both physical and mental?
  5. I guess no one knows how to use the Winchester? Lol
  6. Well I wouldn’t call it a huge “barometer” by any means to be sure. What I merely point out is there is a nice way to “see” Magic’s popularity, because of all the people in public playing it and all the tournaments and the likes, while Arkham is just not as “public” if you will. Can’t imagine that’s the only way a retailer would select how much to stock, I’m sure they have a system (especially amazon) based on search metrics. Just saying that it’s harder to gauge Arkham’s success at just going to an LCG, then say it is for magic or armada. Like I had no idea my lcg had so many dang Arkham fans until the starter decks lol.
  7. Man, I love the armor it’s basically like Jessica Hyde in blue..... just way more expensive. Now that we have bandolier it is much harder to pull it into a deck, but I’m actually planning on running it in my Nathaniel deck (basically no weapons, so no need for bandolier). Sister Mary I think will also absolutely love running the armor, her high sanity and low health makes for a good pick for it. Another mention I think is mark, he can use it to preserve his health for his weakness and triggers, could be very powerful on him. Also it and smoking pipe is technically interesting, just some odd extra flavor there lol. I think the armor is great on a nice “tank” style guardian, someone who is mainly focused on taking damage instead of dealing it. Funnily enough things that deal 1 physical damage could just be on you and they can’t do anything to hurt you, the idea of seeing a guardian running around with tons of things attacking them but not doing any damage is hysterical to me lol. let’s try: .35 Winchester
  8. Council coffers: weird that this pops up lol, we always carry it with us as a “just in case” pop, if things start going south playing it and popping it could help save our bacon. We usually play with uh... suboptimal decks to put it mildly (we all 3 have 2 copies of versatile lol) so having a bit of a insurance idea things go south can be helpful, it’s in my fiancee’s deck (she’s playing mandy) since she’s best at finding cards. Our last run through we used it in a scenario to pull out weapons that were sorely needed. I would say it’s a good card when it’s needed, but man is it dead weight when it isn’t. dark horse: I used this with fire axe, obviously anything you can pump resources into is a great help, bonus if it’s fast to spend those resources so you can still have resources “just in case”. My main use of it was actually used as “insurance” basically a survivor “pump” deck and if I ran out of the resources? Dark horse would keep me a bit ahead. I have it in my Preston deck for that reason (after all his money on family inheritance isn’t considered in his resource pool) I feel it really shines on him, honestly there has been a lot of situations where I wish I could have 2 lol. Next card for me: Dr. Vermis Mysteriis Man I cannot wrap my head around this card, any help? side note: I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put a quote into a post I’ve already made -.- I’m breaking my own “rules” and it’s been less than a day lol. Hopefully the underlines help make it easy to see
  9. Ya that’s my issue >.< it sounds like a daunting task to be sure. On the bright side after a few short games you’ll be able to feel the mental strain just like your investigators do
  10. Ok so, I thought about this topic idea last night. I couldn’t sleep well because of it actually lol, if no one likes it no biggie but I think it might be fun. So here is the idea, post something that you think is either useless, you ignored, or you’ve never used. The idea is to have one person post what they think fits that category and then the next person(s) will try and show ways to use said player card or investigator or story asset. Heck even show off combos with it, give a story about how you used it to great effect one time, however the cards lead you . Anyone can post what they feel is useless or suboptimal, but please quote the post you are referring to so that way people can read it clearly and get new ideas for decks or investigators. I’ll obviously go first, so here is something I’ve felt I have never wanted to use and it’s: Marie Lambeau! I feel this investigator just has the absolute worst of mechanics, because it works to rob you of the most important aspect in Arkham, time. When you place a doom on your card you effectively are forfeiting 3 turns for the conditional 1, and even if you do it at a time when the agenda was going to pop anyways it’s so situational.... I have never ever thought of a good way to use her that some other investigator wouldn’t immediately be better. So how do I use this card fellow Arkham horror acolytes? Lend me your wisdom
  11. I know, almost more gratifying then killing them in midnight masks for some odd reason lol. I am hoping my Preston dies soon -.- I want to play Carolyn fern or dexter or Luke or..... -.- I tell you what I want, I want to play just me as 4 investigators lol
  12. That’s awesome man I love that when they get hooked as much as we do congrats on getting a new Arkham acolyte to join the fold. on a funnier note I’ve always viewed that slick stairs as the person who fell first just kind of being like “hey come on down it’s fine” then snickering as they slip on fall on their butt lol. Honestly if someone took azure flame and asked to just burn the ice I might just let them considering how creative an idea that would be lol. I always find the cultist part to be the upsetter, either we find all the cultists and win with ease or.... but on this current one I’m going through we only got 1 cultist and still managed to stop the ritual in time, I was very impressed about that lol. i wonder how your friend will react to a loss and a restart? Might be an interesting way to teach him to build his own deck?
  13. Right? Lol, I am glad seekers are seeing even more movement utility, almost like FFG thinks there should only be 1 thing that slows down seekers: enemies. Rather than movement >.< EDIT: I wonder if the upgraded versions will allow you to ignore enemies or/allow you to play while an enemy is engaged with you/or make it fast first? I would spend 2XP for a fast version easy, maybe 5 for all of the above? Hmmm could be interesting >.<
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