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  1. I wouldn't say I'm a master, but machete is a super good weapon and I got it near the beginning every time. Also on the second scenario I got machete and Dr. Milan Christopher in my starting hand so I was able to gain a good amount of resources while investigating and had some decent attack power. I actually advanced the agenda the first time a turn early because I forgot that when a cultist comes into play during the draw an encounter card phase, it doesn't advance the agenda until the next Mythos phase. And as I stated I forgot about Roland's ability so I missed at least 4 clues I should have had.
  2. Ok so I just got through my first play of the Night of the Zealot campaign with Roland using the starter deck. The first two missions were pretty much a breeze. On the second mission I apprehended 4 cultists. I forgot about Roland's ability to collect a clue when defeating an enemy or else I could have had all 6. I failed the last mission by one turn due to some bad luck with cultists popping in to advance the agenda early twice. Also some horrible token draws near the end ate up a lot of actions. I played through it again for fun and beat it with several turns to spare. So, I'm just wondering what are some good tactics people use to make things a bit easier. The final boss of the third act seems about impossible to beat if he actually spawns, at least for a solo player. I never did pick up shotgun, so maybe that was my mistake. If I'm reading it right, shotgun plus physical training and any other boosts you can get could 2 shot the final boss on solo mode. That seems pretty OP honestly. I plan to play through the whole campaign again with each character to try out different styles and see what I like best. Then I'll move on to Return to Night of the Zealot. On that note, which characters do people find strongest/easiest all around? Are there any additional tips for playing through Return? How much harder is it? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
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