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  1. 1 hour ago, arnoldrew said:

    There is no limit to how many attacks a unit can perform, either in their activation or outside of it (such as with a standby). The only limitation is that a unit can only do a particular action (such as an attack action) once per activation, with move actions being the only exception. 

    Also you cannot take a standby action if you've attacked, and lose the standby token if you attack.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Khobai said:

    are you joking? hes one of the worst commanders in the game. speed 1 makes him absolutely abysmal.

    he absolutely needs a buff not a nerf

    palpatine is even worse. the combination of short range, high points cost, and speed 1 is so crippling for both of those characters.

    because theyre both huge points investments that cant really even have an effect on the game until mid to late game. they both need their points costs significantly reduced.

    The post you quoted mentions Vader commander under units that need to have their point costs reduced.

  3. 10 hours ago, SailorMeni said:

    CIS: I think they are actually very well balanced, only one bad and one underused unit.

    • B2: -2P/Model



    Erm, have you done the math on that? They should be cheaper than... Well, everything?

  4. That's a good point, but I think that in the end, the intention is not to have upgrade cards defined by their inclusion of a type icon, it's just a functionality statement.


    Regarding the topic's question, to me it's pretty clear: First turn, the bomb explodes, but doesn't affect the Hostage unit because it's an emey effect and that unit is inmune to it.

  5. On 8/12/2020 at 2:34 AM, Bigbboyd said:

    And you add an officer and use them for you hostage escort forthe exchange mission and you have a courage 3 unit that can shoot every turn while retreating. 

    Courage 3? Why? They have a Courage base of 1.


    On 8/12/2020 at 9:43 AM, Nithorian said:

    Snow's weakness was always their heavy weapon options. The only decent one worth taking is the flamethrower, and no one wants to really be at range two if the rest of the Empire's units work so much better at range 3/4. They are just up there all alone with no support. I guess now with inferno squad you could put Del or Hask in as their Heavy weapon instead, and that might work out a lot better for them, especially a range 5 sniper, now with steady. You could come out from behind LOS blocking terrain, shoot and then go back behind it, keep Veers or an Imperial Officer nearby to give them aims and you've got a pretty nasty unit, that only gets stronger if you can push into range 3 to get the rest of the squad in range.

    They errated the range on the Ion to 3.


    21 hours ago, Bigbboyd said:

    I have found 1 or 2 squads being used with Flamer and Frag Grenade makes good objective grabbers so long as you aren't running long march. 

    And recon intel!

  6. 1 hour ago, Ryfterek said:

    Sure would be, but given FFG didn't even care to put one more Special Forces Stormtrooper to the Inferno Box so it can field both variations at once, I really, really, like, really doubt they'd put out a box of 4 pretty detailed miniatures, 2 of which sure would have to come on large bases, without pricing it at MSRP close to a core set...

    They could simply do one and that's it. Or sell the others as an expansion, or whatever. By the way I'm somewhat surprised that there's such a huge riot regarding this when other than mandalorians there hasn't been a single other box that allows you to field two units. Some people can never be happy as far as I'm concerned.

  7. 4 hours ago, Ryfterek said:

    CIS: Orray Picadors 

    The problem with Acklay, Reek, and Nexu (the Geonosian Arena creatures) is that they were not even native to the planet but dragged in there and enslaved for entertainment. Not at all domesticated. I can hardly imagine any of them cooperating with any forces in a coordinated manner. 

    Orray Picadors (base 2)

    Equip: Counterpart: Acklay or Reek or Nexu

    Picador team: When cohering miniatures after a movement, this unit may engage in melee as if the equipped counterpart were a leader.



    Feral: At the start of your activation, your opponent performs a speed 1 move with this mini. Then you cohere the rest of the unit as if this mini were the leader.


    That could be pretty fun.

  8. You do whatever you want. I ditched the shore+mortar meta half a year ago and never looked back. You can keep thinking that shores are just fine and empire lists are losing because somehow nobody has thought before that you can, in fact, move your shores to capture objectives.


    [Insert that dog meme with the house in flames]

  9. 1 hour ago, costi said:


    You pay for atrack dice as well, but don't use them when you shoot at R4.

    It's one of the tools they have, sometimes it's better to forget the mortar and go for the objective.

    ...yes, terrible example considering they are getting stepped on by doing that.


    1 hour ago, arnoldrew said:

    Says who? Units are balanced within a faction as well, not just made in a vacuum. There's also the fact that you can't even take the mortar without also taking the Coordinate unit, so putting some of the cost on the mortar would not be totally unreasonable. It's pretty clear point costs are just made up by winging it and then playtesting and not based on some sort of grand formula, anyway.

    How about the fact that you can Coordinate an E-web and not even take a mortar on your list, while still making full use of the keyword?

  10. 15 hours ago, Tirion said:

    .... C'mon obviously you have the rest of your list.... We were talking about dealing with armor. Having a list do nothing but shoot at armor with a very strong dice pool isn't this crazy idea and prevent you from doing other things. Okay get in range 3..... I'm still failing to see how and weapon that does 1.5 hours through to a vehicle on it's own is bad. As you said their the rest of the squad in there. It's a very good anti weapon option is all I'm saying, but the group think online would pretend it doesn't exist.


    Let's say I have 2 units with an HH-12, each dealing 1.5 wounds per turn at a cost similar the tank's (178 if you bring scopes + specialist, vs 170 base for the tank plus extras). The tank has 9 wounds, so that's 3 turns of both units shooting at it and not doing anything else. Meanwhile, the tank takes one shoot at one of your units on turn one, and there goes half the unit. Second turn, one of your units has evaporated. Now you're not looking into seeing it destroyed by turn 3, it's towards turn 4. Except the tank also attacks on turn 3 and reduces the effectivity of the remaining squad. Then in turn 4, if your squad attacks first (and remember that Dooku has Cunning), you MAYBE destroy the tank. And that all is assuming you bring two full squads costing 170 points just in case the opponent fields a tank. He doesn't? Well mate, better pack it up and try next time.

    Do you think I haven't tried it? The only games I've lost in the last months are those were I started shooting a tank. Even if I actually managed to destroy it, I still lost sometimes, because time spent shooting a tank is time not spent shooting something else that would die faster and diminish the enemies rate of fire and activation count sooner, or capturing objectives.

    It's not that the HH-12 is "bad". Is that shooting at armor is a bad idea because of how the game works right now, and the HH-12 doesn't make sense if you're not shooting at armor.


    8 hours ago, SailorMeni said:

    It actually is bad. Even in an ideal situation where you don't have to move and the tank stays in the open the entire time, it takes 9 shots on average - so more than a game - to fnish off a tank. Without accounting for dodges/surges/repairs/returnfire. People don't pretend it doesn't exist, they tried it when the game was new. The same with ion weapons. What didn't work against AT-STs doesn't work against Sabers/AATs.

    But I'll gladly accept beeing wrong if you bring such a list to a large tournament and show us how it's done 😉.


    Spot on.


    5 hours ago, Nithorian said:

    I wonder how much vital assets has hurt the Imperial Gun Line. I do think that other factions have gotten stronger, but Vital Assets has a fair amount of objectives that require you to keep moving, throw those in a low bid deck with breakthrough and those gun lines can't stand at range 4 anymore, because the objectives will run away from them very quickly. Once they start having to move around a lot more they become more exposed as well, which means heavy hits from those AATs and fire supporting clones.

    Imperials have long missed the call to update the lists. It's almost cult-like the fixation on following a "more shores, more snipers, more mortars!" list-building doctrine. Like, jesus, do you even play this game? None of those units is good at all for capturing objectives. Even shoretroopers, which are regular infantry corps unit, are subpar because of the loss of coordinate if they move too much. I'm sure there was a time when Luke Cook and the likes won with such a list, but it's also true there some people who could bring their orks army and still win.

  11. 5 hours ago, Memorare said:

    I do wonder if people took less than optimal lists because it was online (which is great) 

    It's easier to give a list a go with an online tourney rather then a physical tournament.  When you're paying for travel/accommodation and miniatures, and not sitting at home, I think that somewhat incentivises a different attitude to the game. Just a thought. 

    Maybe *some* people, but for the sub-optimal, for the lulz lists to make top 8 it would requiere that *everyone* at the tournament was running sub-optimal lists.

    Unless one wants to argue that the ones with the suboptimal lists just happen to be the best players *and* there's that amount of difference between them and the rest. Which would be a stretch imo.


  12. 1 hour ago, KryatDragon said:

    Yeah, I'm probably gonna buy two, but not for the actual reason most are thinking (I really like the Tie Pilot look). But I can still oly make 3 units from that, and I can't even have both Hask and Meeko in helmted / unhelmeted options. You only get 14 minis from 2 boxes, and if you want 2 base squads + T-21 (10 men), 1 mini as base for Inferno + Hask and Meeko... well that only leaves one Hask/meeko body to alternate between helment / no helmet.

    Either I'm misunderstanding what you say, or you've got it wrong.

    Two boxes come with 14 minis, yeah. And for 3 units (inferno + 2 ISF) you need one generic + Del + Gideon + 4x2 generics + 2 heavy weapons. That's a total of 13 minis. Obviously you don't need two Del/Gideons because you can only bring 1, so the ones in the second box will go with helmet and into an ISF unit. And you still have one mini to spare. Where is the problem?

  13. 27 minutes ago, ScummyRebel said:


    I would probably remove aggressive tactics because half of the time you are going to be using Iden as nominated commander for her CC, and the other to give orders to the bikes... That already have surges on both offense and defense. Remember that one of Iden's CC makes her recover, so it might be worth it to take HQlink with her instead of Inferno. Seems ok to me other than that, as long as you have a game plan for which objetives you want to play and why.

  14. 1 hour ago, Nithorian said:

     They didn't want covert ops to improve the entire army like that, so you pay the cost to bring another full commander with them, or you downgrade the courage bubble.

    Yeah, you're probably right.

    Anyway, the cost isn't actually that high. Inferno, Iden and Vader all have courage 3, and the stormtroopers will probably be outside the courage bubble anyway. In the end you are "only" losing 1 courage in the generic ISF units.

    And if the commander unit gets wiped, you can revert it back to Vader/Iden/Inferno. I would probably pick Iden since she might be around range 2 for concussive blast.


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