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  1. Kallus, huh? Color me unexcited.
  2. Also you cannot take a standby action if you've attacked, and lose the standby token if you attack.
  3. I see B2 all the time, even if it's only 1 unit. Last week got my *** kicked by a list with 5 or 6 B2 units. Their problem isn't that they are bad, it's the coordinate chain. That's not going to be solved by dropping their points. But I don't get why they must be spamable.
  4. Considering that now everybody has at least some access to surge tokens with Aggressive tactics, a black dice would usually be the same as a white with surge, except that it can be turned into a "red dice without surge" if you have surge tokens.
  5. The post you quoted mentions Vader commander under units that need to have their point costs reduced.
  6. Erm, have you done the math on that? They should be cheaper than... Well, everything?
  7. That's a good point, but I think that in the end, the intention is not to have upgrade cards defined by their inclusion of a type icon, it's just a functionality statement. Regarding the topic's question, to me it's pretty clear: First turn, the bomb explodes, but doesn't affect the Hostage unit because it's an emey effect and that unit is inmune to it.
  8. Courage 3? Why? They have a Courage base of 1. They errated the range on the Ion to 3. And recon intel!
  9. They could simply do one and that's it. Or sell the others as an expansion, or whatever. By the way I'm somewhat surprised that there's such a huge riot regarding this when other than mandalorians there hasn't been a single other box that allows you to field two units. Some people can never be happy as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Orray Picadors (base 2) Equip: Counterpart: Acklay or Reek or Nexu Picador team: When cohering miniatures after a movement, this unit may engage in melee as if the equipped counterpart were a leader. Acklay/Reek/Nexu Feral: At the start of your activation, your opponent performs a speed 1 move with this mini. Then you cohere the rest of the unit as if this mini were the leader. That could be pretty fun.
  11. 2 is already fine I think. Sometimes I think I could use a fourth so I could field all my troopers with T-21 or RTC, but the difference between the heavies is pretty minimal, there's no big loss in fielding 2 and 2 for example. Regarding the captain & specialist, I've never put more than 2 in a list.
  12. You do whatever you want. I ditched the shore+mortar meta half a year ago and never looked back. You can keep thinking that shores are just fine and empire lists are losing because somehow nobody has thought before that you can, in fact, move your shores to capture objectives. [Insert that dog meme with the house in flames]
  13. ...yes, terrible example considering they are getting stepped on by doing that. How about the fact that you can Coordinate an E-web and not even take a mortar on your list, while still making full use of the keyword?
  14. You are paying the price of that keyword when you buy shoretroopers, not with the mortar.
  15. Yeah I didn't intend to imply that it has never worked, that's why I wrote they needed to update, sorry if it wasn't too clear.
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