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  1. Beautiful work! I especially love the highlights and shading of Beravors cloak, the non-metallic gold metal effects on Gimlis axe, and the frog on Aragorns base 😂
  2. left to right (just the grey ones): Giant spider, Orc Taskmaster, Pit Goblin, Balrog, Shadowman, Cave Troll, Nameless Thing (that’s literally its name), and Spawn of Ungoliant.
  3. Really like this idea, and I think it will become even more important as more expansions are released. I know a lot of people are clamoring for a back button. It seems like it would be a lot of work to implement, but it would sure be nice for those mistake taps. Some people aren’t sold on the idea, but having the ability to toggle the appearance of that button in the settings might satisfy both sides of the argument.
  4. Depending on the choices you make during one scenario of the base campaign, Atarin will make an early appearance before the final scenario.
  5. Simply put, you only discard a prepared card if: 1) The card says to discard itself 2) You use one of the bold keywords on the card (ie. strike x, hide, sprint x) 3) The app or other game effect specifically tells you to do so You’ll notice on the back of the rules reference that each of those keywords will have you discard the card after use. Other than those examples, you can keep those precious cards prepared for as long as you like! Examples of cards that do not get discarded after use of their main text include: Keen Eyes (Legolas), Master Tactician (Captain), Self Sufficient (Burglar), and Trailblazer (Pathfinder). Remember, though, each of those cards also have a keyword which, if used, will discard the card. This keyword can be used in addition to the main card text.
  6. This thread on BGG might interest you. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2464200/wip-program-design-your-own-scenarios-youtube-demo
  7. You might find some useful info in here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2453000/humans-elves-or-dwarves Have fun planning!
  8. Face up and face down damage both count toward your limit. You played it correctly.
  9. Interesting. Everyone has a different approach! I’m curious if brushing a satin finish over the matte spray would give me the look I’m going for with the metallics. At any rate, great job with Arwen. Is that contrast paint you used for the robe?
  10. If you could post a link to your method of editing the save files on iOS, I would be one happy camper!
  11. Beautifully done! Do you use a matte finish on your minis? The reason I ask is that I love the metallic sheen you were able to preserve on the weapons and armor. Just curious what kind of finishes you use.
  12. So, the only reason the app keeps track of titles, trinkets, etc. is to make it easier to set up the next time you play. If you are already organizing player decks in bags, you don’t have to worry about what the app says you have in your deck. As far as I have heard (never tried it myself) it looks like there are no adverse affects from messing with the steam file. People have switched player counts and other things successfully using this method.
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