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  1. I would get the second edition, but the problem is that conversion kits are so bloody expensive...
  2. ive been playing x-wing for a while now, about 2-3 years, and have a amassed a sizeable collection (all 1.0 currently) and I'm starting to wonder what to get next, here's what I have; rebel: 11x x-wings (1 form core set, 2 from rebel transport, 8 for expansions) 1x y-wing 4x b-wings 1x yt-1300 1x vcx-100 1x attack shuttle (from ghost expansion) 2x gr-75 1x cr-90 2x hammerer corvettes (3d printed) imperial: 14x tie fighters (2 from core set, 2 from gozanti, 10 from expansions) 4x interceptors (2 from imperial aces, 2 from expansions) 2x tie advanced (1 from raider, 1 from expansion) 3x tie defender (2 from imperial veterans, 1 from expansion) 2x tie bomber (both from imperial veterans) 1x slave-1 1x imperial shuttle 1x gozanti 1x raider cheers!
  3. I've got 2 3d printed Hammerheads from rebels, they've been lying around and only been used once, figured I may as well redo the cards I had made, if done a couple and here they are, so what do you think? is it well balanced? https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1_wLmU9c3Temq9aQymDlx10HvqGJT01LC8p_uGZxJNMk/edit?usp=sharing im also working on second edition cards for it
  4. does anyone know the base colour used on the CR-90, I've got a couple of 3d printed hammerhead corvettes that are in a desperate need of a repaint, I've got the colours for markings, just want to know the one used on the CR-90 so it matches. Cheers!
  5. thanks for that, just looking to finish of my collection, currently at; 9x x-wing t-65 (1x for core set 1x from gr-75) 4x b-wings 1x y-wings 1x ghost and phantom 1x millenium falcon 1x gr-75 14x tie fighters (2x from core set 2x from gozanti) 2x tie interceptors 1x imperial aces 1x lamda shuttle 1x tie defender 1x slave 1 1x gozanti carrier 1x tie advanced that's all I believe currently looking for; 5x imperial aces more than 3 more g-75s more y-wings 6x or more a-wings (gotta get the green squadron colours) 4x rebel aces (for my Phoenix squadron for when I get 2.0) 6x tie bombers 2x gozanti 6x imperial veterans will look at scum in the future, will start that with the most wanted expansion, rest will be 2.0
  6. Hi all, I live in new Zealand, a place where x-wing (1st and 2nd edition) is rare and expensive, do any of you know of any good place to buy x-wing, especially 1st edition? cheers!
  7. that is probably a composting error, as all the 3d models are played, so Hera would be animated separately, then pasted in, in other shots it shows her filling the cabin
  8. I'm think for the pheonix cell 1x blade wing/ being repaint 2x awing repaint, possibly the green grey colour For skystrike 1x red or yellow defender 2x yellow or red interceptor
  9. Amazing work! Might I ask how the photo was taken? I.e how the background was done.
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