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  1. Dunno why I decided to go with the almost samurai vibe on eleanor, but those sashes just spoke to me ^^
  2. Oh, cool! would love to see how they turned out. i’ve painted eleanor and balin in the mean time.
  3. It took a good while but finally got this bastard painted so he can wreck our party this weekend. Looking at this image I'm thinking I should probably do something about his wings, but they'll have to do for now. Now on to painting the rest of the heroes instead....
  4. Thanks. Nah, it's kimera kolors. I just got them so this was a test model to test them out. Had a bit trouble with the white, so anything that had white mixed into it got a bit thick and chalky (skin tones, headdress, highlights).
  5. Thanks! Yes, but I apply all metallics last, after giving them a coat of matte varnish for that very reason. Metallics are usually pretty heavy so they can usually stand a little bit of wear and tear. If I wanted to play extra safe I guess I could either apply a metallic coat before the wash too or apply gloss varnish with brush over them metallics but for table quality that's a bit over my time budget Painted Arwen the other day to try out some new paints.
  6. I posted a get started guide to painting on the BGG forum that might be of help: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2460844/way-shut-it-was-made-those-who-are-dead
  7. Thought I'd get going painting the minis, it's been really fun so far. The new minis are even better quality than the old ones. Especially the new goblins, less clutter and cleaner shapes than the old ones.
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