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  1. I also have this organiser, and I echo everything you said. I also want to say that, while I have built a few Broken Token organiser before, this one gave me some trouble, as I wasn't used to the weaked pieces due to the art on them, and I ended up damaging a few. I also hope that they come out with a sorting guide for how to place the map tiles back into the tray, like they did with Gloomhaven's. While the current tiles fit fine, I'm wondering how tight it is all going to be once I get the expansion tiles in there...
  2. I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but I wanted to voice my request for FFG to make some paint sets of JiME, like they do for Star Wars Legion. I'm rather new to the whole miniature painting thing, and I think it would greatly help those like myself, who might not know where to start, to be able to buy a paint set with all of the colors we would need. I know that I personnally feel very intimidated about starting to paint these minis, and while I have looked up guides and videos, the barrier to entry has been the sheer variety of paint colors to choose from in hobby stores. I'm not very creative, and would definitely aim to paint as closely as possible to the "intended" colors, and so I'm faced with decision paralyses when trying to pick which shade of color would most acurately represent the one in the artwork. Anyways, that's my request. I apologise if this isn't the place for it. Thank you for your time.
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