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  1. We have no idea how the printing factories operate and what the price is per card that they offer their customers (i.e. FFG). Purely from a manufacturing point of view, it makes no sense that standard size cards are cheaper than Mini-American size cards because the latter would use less cardboard and less ink. We also don't know if the printing company that FFG contracts to produce Armada cards (and presumably X-Wing, Legion, and other FFG products) also produces cards for other board game and LCG publishers. If the printing company is exclusive to FFG, they would probably have printing lines for all of the card sizes the FFG's games use. Yes, the standard size card would be the most popular because of Keyforge, Arkham Horror TCG, and X-Wing 2E, but that probably would've been different just a few years ago, before Keyforge and X-Wing 2E were released. I think the Mini-American size cards would've been nearly as popular as the standard size based on the number of FFG games that used them. It's possible that the printing company converted some of their printing lines to cater to Keyforge, reducing the printing lines dedicated to Mini-American (and Tarot) size cards, which caused delays for reprinting Armada and Legion products. Consequently, FFG is changing more of their games to use standard size cards. But that's pure speculation. And if the printing company was over-charging FFG/Asmodee for Mini-American and Tarot size cards to try to compel them to convert to standard size cards, FFG/Asmodee could simply contract a different printing company that offers better rates. Something similar to this has recently happened with FFG changing from their own Fantasy Flight Supply brand of plastic card sleeves to the GameGenic brand. I don't know what's that about but some have speculated that change was the reason for the Armada supply shortage the last 9+ months. But it demonstrates that FFG does have the option of changing its production supplier, so if they're getting ripped off, they have other options than arbitrarily changing the card sizes for Clone Wars Armada. But my suspicion is that the card size change is primarily motivated by the desire to sell the $25 Upgrade Card Collection to the thousands of existing Armada players, plus the unknowable number of new Armada players that FFG covets. The fact that it's "optional" doesn't matter, because giving customers the illusion of choice is the most insidious business practice of all. FFG claiming that the Upgrade Card Collection is "optional" simply gives them plausible deniability that creating it wasn't primarily motivated to sell to existing customers. It's an easy money grab for FFG/Asmodee because there were virtually no development costs involved, unlike most other Armada expansions that need to be developed and extensively tested by a dedicated, salaried staff of game designers and testers. The UCC is objectively a very cost efficient, business-friendly product to publish, and the fact that so many people on this forum refuse to acknowledge that is disappointing, because to have any faith in modern business to place the consumer first is to be ludicrously naïve. I'm definitely not naïve. I can see the code of The Matrix. If you haven't noticed the MSRP change for Armada, X-Wing, and Legion products, then it must be because you aren't paying attention. Check out the Fantasy Flight Store Legion products and you'll see that the MSRP of the Clone Wars Legion Wave 2 Corps unit expansions is $10 more than Wave 1 Corps unit expansions: Republic Phase 1 Clone Troopers expansion: $24.95 Separatist B1 Battle Droids expansion: $24.95 Republic Phase 2 Clone Troopers expansion: $34.95 Separatist B2 Battle Droids expansion: $34.95 This change can't even be attributed to the switch from soft plastic minis to hard plastic sprues because both Phase 1 & 2 Clones are soft plastic, and both B1s and B2s are on sprues. FFG arbitrarily raised the prices of newer Legion products; and in 2020, most board game retailers have raised their prices of Legion products across the board. Recently, my not-so-friendly LGS increased their prices for Legion and Armada products. When I pre-ordered Phase 2 Clones and B2 Battle Droids back in January, my LGS priced them at $28.04. Now they're $38.24! I actually heard about the price hike and ordered 3 more B2s just a day or two before my LGS hiked the price. Now I wish I had ordered 3 more Phase 2 Clones too. X-Wing's recently announced ship expansions are all more expensive than previous expansions. And you already mentioned the $5 price increase of Armada's Clone Wars Squadron Packs. $25 will presumably be the new MSRP tier for small ship expansions. Who knows how much medium and large ship expansions will be!? I doubt they'll only be $5 more expensive. I think the $40 expansions will jump to $50. But we'll have to wait and see. Is there any justification for these price increases... other than unbridled greed? (Cue the sycophantic FFG cultists chiming in with their laundry list of excuses.)
  2. The Etsy product you linked is delivered unpainted, whereas if FFG made an official Obstacles Pack, it would probably be painted, like Armada ships are. And as I previously mentioned, the issue with 3D obstacles is that ships and squadrons can't overlap them properly. Either the 3D Obstacle would have to be swapped out for the standard cardboard obstacle, or the ship would have to be removed from its plastic base. I think if FFG took a crack at designing 3D Obstacles for Armada, they could figure out a better solution.
  3. I never liked the idea of a cardboard base placed over the raised edges of the plastic bases to horizontally span two bases, and using spacers and modified support fins. It seemed wildly impractical and wasteful, and a lot of hoops to jump through just to avoid creating a new plastic base for the Lucrehulk. FFG hasn't shied away from creating new plastic bases for SW Legion units whenever they needed to, so I don't understand why FFG would be averse to doing it for Armada. Personally, I would've preferred if the SSD had a single-piece "huge" plastic base, but two large bases ultimately worked fine. But I don't think there's a good way to workaround the Lucrehulk's unique shape, so a new plastic base is required to make it work.
  4. I agree that the single ship expansions for the Clone Wars Starter ships will probably contain different Commanders, ship titles, and some upgrade cards than those in the Clone Wars Fleet Starters, because that's what FFG has done in the past. So even if FFG did release the single ship expansions alongside the Fleet Starters, Armada completionists would need to buy the Fleet Starters anyway. I think that it's mistake for FFG not to give Armada players the choice of Starters and single ship expansions. I think launch window sales of Clone Wars Armada would be considerably higher if single ship expansions were available. I don't know why FFG is passing up this ripe opportunity to give customers what they want.
  5. If you can't contend with the overwhelming power of my posts, then I understand why you all concede defeat and place my on Ignore. Or at least claim to, because you all have a perplexing propensity to instantly respond to any of my posts, as if you were using the exact opposite of the Ignore feature. I suppose I should take pride in how effortlessly I can get into your heads and make your "lives" miserable. It's really pitiful how you all carry these pointless grudges against me and put so much effort into it.
  6. Considering how important that Rogues and Villains pack was for Armada's squadron play, I think that a Clone Wars equivalent is inevitable. I'm kinda surprised that it's not coming in Wave 2, like it did in Armada Wave 2, but I think it's because CW Wave 2 is scheduled to be released only a month or two after CW Wave 1. We'll barely have any time to get accustomed to the Wave 1 squadrons, so releasing a second squadron pack probably isn't worthwhile. But I think it's definitely a possibility for Wave 3, whenever that is released in 2021. I think that the Separatists will benefit the most from a "Clone Wars Rogues & Villains" pack because those squadrons (presumably) won't be droids and have AI-keyword restrictions. There are also plenty of Separatist-affiliated characters from Prequel era canon and Legends that could be in that pack -- the Separatists could even have all 8 squadrons. Whereas the Republic probably won't have as many -- at least not as many characters that could be aptly defined as "Rogues". Regardless, I sincerely hope that FFG releases a Clone Wars equivalent of the Rogues & Villain Pack and look forward to that squadron pack being released sooner than later.
  7. If you're offended by someone casually using the common idiom "It's not rocket science" then yes, it's absolutely your fault. If someone in a class room or in a workplace remarked "It's not rocket science" to describe an easily solvable "problem", no one would get offended, and the teacher or boss wouldn't even perceive it as an "insult". Only you would @Garrett17. Get over it.
  8. I think the best counter to Vader (Commander) is to equip Overload Pulse on multiple ships, and H9 Turbolasers and Weapons Battery Techs, if possible, to guarantee Blue Crits, so you can exhaust all of an enemy ship's defense tokens, thereby deterring the opponent from using Vader's ability because they'll have to discard the exhausted token. It may not qualify as a "hard counter" that shuts down Vader completely, but it should be an effective long-term strategy that pays dividends in the later rounds, and will probably make the opponent reconsider using Vader as their Commander every time. It's also worth understanding why the opponent chooses Vader every time, which means understand Vader: Vader (Commander) works best with ships that roll a lot of dice and have plenty of defense tokens. The more dice a ship has, the more dice Vader can reroll at the same cost of exhausting a defense token. So the OP's Vader-loving opponent is smart to use ISDs and VSDs (and I assume Gozanti's just for cheap ship activations). Since the opponent is using large, expensive ships, the best counter is: superior numbers of less expensive attackers. The OP made no mention of his opponent bringing Imperial squadrons, so I have to agree with the other responders that squadrons are the best option to counter Vader Commander. If the OP's opponent is in fact not bringing any squadrons, the OP could bring as many Y-Wings and B-Wings as they have in their collection, and take down Vader's Star Destroyers relatively easily. However, that won't necessarily make the OP's opponent stop using Vader; next game, the Opponent could simply counter with enough squadrons to engage and destroy the Rebel bombers. I expect that the squadron battle will gradually evolve into a mixture of X-Wings and bombers, and probably Jan Ors. But that still might not compel the OP's opponent to drop Vader in favour of another Imperial Commander. I think it will be necessary to use numerous small, fast ships to counter Vader's Star Destroyers by avoiding their deadly front arcs, whipping around their flanks, and grinding down their hull points by shooting their weak rear arcs. That might compel the opponent to branch out into using other Commanders and possibly other ships that aren't as vulnerable to being flanked.
  9. Grow a thicker skin and/or stop over-reacting to every little perceived slight.
  10. I was wondering... If Clone Wars single ship expansions for the Acclamator, Consular, Munificent, and Hardcell were released at the same time as the Clone Wars Fleet Starters, how would that affect your purchase decisions? I think it's safe to say that the majority of the people on this forum are existing Armada players, which means we already own an Armada core set and all of the accessories we need to play the game. If I had the choice to buy Single Ship Expansions, I wouldn't even bother with the Clone Wars Fleet Starters because I don't need the Starter accessories. If I had the choice to buy two $20 small ship expansions and a $30-40 medium ship expansion, I'd much rather do that. And I'd definitely would buy more Clone Wars ship expansions at launch than I'm going to with the Clone Wars Starters.
  11. That AFM2's curved support fin deflects maybe 10 mm at most, and FFG hasn't used it on any ship since. And if FFG made a more extreme-curved support stand to make this terrible idea work, how would that be any different or better than them simply creating a new plastic base for Lucrehulk?
  12. If two large bases were clipped together by their shield dial slots, the Lucrehulk would not be nearly as wide as it should be. Two large bases side-by-side would have less than 3 inches between their support fins. Presumably each support fin would slot into the ring of the Lucrehulk, which would mean the ship mini was only 4-5 inches in diametre, making it smaller than the ISD. If the Lucrehulk was as wide as it should be, the support fins would be position in the gaps between the core sphere and the ring. (Or, if the Lucrehulk was much larger than expected, it would have a core sphere more than 3 inches in diametre and both suppot fins would slot into it. But what would be the point of that?) No, if FFG uses existing bases (which they shouldn't) they will be spaced apart with a cardboard base spanning them, similar to the SSD, except horizontally (most likely). I don't think it would be significantly easier to modify the existing molds for large bases without the raised "lips" on the sides, from a production POV. Removing the "lips" on the sides of the large base would necessitate the creation of new casting molds -- because the alternative would be to somehow remove those raised lips from thousands of existing plastic bases, which would either be labour intensive or require new machinery, both of which would be expensive. And everyone seems to be obsessed with minimizing the cost of Armada production these days. 🙄 If they create new molds, why not take the extra step and make a new base? If they modified the large plastic base with one or both raised edges removed, there could be all sorts of complications with that. What if they mix up the bases during production and put the wrong type of plastic base in the Lucrehulk boxes? Production errors have occurred recently in X-Wing, like the CR90's misprinted dial, and a lot of Armada players have encountered expansions with missing components. Introducing a modified large base without one or both raised edges -- especially when the plastic is clear so it's more difficult to spot an error -- is just asking for trouble. And a product recall or replacement component program to correct a production error would be significantly more expensive than creating a new type of base for the Lucrehulk. Making an entirely new base for the Lucrehulk, regardless of what shape it is, is the better option.
  13. I'd much rather have an official Armada Obstacle Pack than dealing with f***ing Etsy, which usually cost 4X what a retail product would cost, plus shipping. Also, presumably an official Obstacle Pack would be smartly designed so that any size ship could overlap the base of the obstacle without it causing a problem with the obstacle miniature on the stand. Also, they could be used in OP.
  14. I'm pleased to report that my non-so-friendly LGS' Arq profiteering scam doesn't appear to have worked because they're still in-stock. Admittedly, I can't be certain how many Imperial Light Cruiser expansions they've sold because the stock listing just shows "10+", same as when they received the Arq restock a week and a half ago. I suppose it's possible that they received 50 Arqs and have sold dozens at $40 each. But IME the store usually receives products in batches of 12, so I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't sold any of them because customers know that they're being ripped off -- even though eBay profiteers can charge over $100! Regardless, I think Armada players are being smart by not caving and buying the $40 Arqs, and wait and see if the LGS reduces the prices. It would set a terrible anti-consumer precedent for customers to pay $40 for a small ship Armada expansion and suddenly that becomes the new price point. That could be terrible for everyone because it could potentially spread to other regions and next thing you know the global market is charging $40 for small ship expansions and $100+ for large ship expansions. That would suck! We definitely need more Armada products on the shelves all over the place to satisfy consumer demand and counter profiteering.
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