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  1. Right now rebels can only get surge tokens via aggressive tactics or force guidance. For empire inferno squad has reliable 1, otherwise again only aggressive tactics or force guidance. So your taking an upgrade to give units surge tokens, that primarily already have a surge on defense or surge on attack, and you complaining because it’s not effective enough?
  2. Can you reference a link please. I am legitimately interested in reading those rules.
  3. Axis and allies is a board game for up to 6 players, each country has a predetermined amount of starting points. No bid system what so ever. Maybe it’s a house rule you use when playing 1 on 1 with someone. regardless the system you talking of doing doesn’t work for competitive play. In a tournament situation your list is submitted to the tournament officials, who verify your list is legal and valid. Then at the start of the tournament everyone’s list is public info, while their command hand, object, condition, and deployment cards are private info (only shown when you reveal them). So when would the red player get to change their list? Who verifies that’s the list is still legal? It’s not a viable option. Instead of looking at it like auction bid, think of it as a bet. Your betting x number of points to be blue player, but just like at a poker table you don’t get the chips back if you loose your bet.
  4. Thank you for the explanation on it, what game actually has this mechanic in it?
  5. Let’s break this down. 1) we where talking specifically about objective cards of which there is currently only 8. Blue player can only select 4 of those 8. Now if we are going to talk about the deployment and condition cards as well, blue player can still only select 4 of the 8 in each of those categories. So yes you are correct when you say blue player gets to eliminate over have of the possible choices of cards, and it will only get to be a bigger margin the longer the game goes on. It was how the game was designed from conception. 2) Refund the bid? What game does that, how does it work? Can you provide more info on that, I would be interested in looking into a game like that. 3) Yes there is an advantage to to being blue player. Now if red players lost 70% of the time or more, maybe it would be a broken mechanic of the game, but that’s not the case. It’s not like the red player has no input what so ever in determining the start of the game. 4) In casual play your right it typically comes down to 1-2 points. In competitive play, it’s not uncommon to see a 20 point bid. @Khobai since you seem to feel legion is so unbalanced and broken in so many different ways, maybe it’s time to find a different game, or house rule it into the game you want it to be.
  6. Again your talking about stagnation on a game that has only been out for 2 years, only 2 releases have even added new objectives. When you have to choose 4 out of 8 possible there isn’t a lot of room for variety. Have some patience over this. More objective will come in time.
  7. That stagnation only happens when you are playing the same opponents playing the same lists. Obviously if you don’t change your lists, you have no reason to change your objectives. If you don’t like what’s happening, run something different. Change your list for a point buy so your blue player, talk to your opponent about trying different objectives, run a different list altogether, play a different faction... There are ways to solve this without changing a core component of the game that we have only recently, with the release of vital assets, been able to explore.
  8. The biggest issue with doing a change like this, how do you implement it? 1) a blanket implementation all empire and rebels gain this ability then that will both make those factions op and be unfair to the cis and gar factions who only some of their units get their ability. 2) you only give it to some of their units and then have to release a codex style change for those factions that you will then either have to have at the table and/or both players have to memorize. 3) you do a complete overhaul of the whole game and have a legion 2.0 release. Unfortunately anyone of these three are more likely to kill the game at this point than to help it.
  9. No to the first and yes to the second. I have personally made that mistake with veers before.
  10. This would remove any advantage to being blue player. If they implement this everyone’s list is going to be 800 points flat. You remove the competitiveness you get from having to choose whether you really need this upgrade or do you want a point bid. This would be detrimental in a game that’s not based on just killing more of your opponents unit to win, but is instead based on securing objectives.
  11. The in universe fluff is what they used to design the unit, and when they released it they were just in the process of starting to design the clone war factions. As for the occupier you are absolutely right it is better for anti personnel. The occupier is also a tank in name only, it’s really an APC (armored personnel carrier). Why Star Wars called it a tank, I’ll never know.
  12. Maybe I missed something, when did different become worse? You are absolutely right the shoretroopers don’t have fire support and cost the same as a phase 1 clone trooper. What they do have is coordinate emplacement trooper, target 1 and a training slot. Ya the atst sucks when going against the tanks. It’s a walker which was used as a shock and awe weapon against light vehicles and personnel. The tanks where meant to go against heavy vehicles and reinforced positions. Youve got to remember, the empire and gar are 2 different factions, they use different tactics, and they have different units. If you keep trying to play empire like you play gar, all your going to get is a lot of fail.
  13. A unit is determined to have been issued an order when it has a face up order token given to it in the command phase. Authoritative takes her order token, before it is on the field and instead gives it to another friendly unit. However she is then no longer eligible to receive an order. If it worked they way you are arguing it you can use authoritative an unlimited number of times. I don’t know how else to explain this to you. For someone who has been complaining for that last 3 weeks that GAR is op, your trying really hard to argue to make them even more powerful.
  14. @Khobai Ya that’s not how this works. - When a unit is issued an order, a player places an order token that matches the faction and rank of the unit receiving the orders near that unit on the battlefield; the player places the order token so its rank is faceup. - Orders are issued one at a time, in an order chosen by the player who controls the unit that is issuing the orders. Any game effects that triggers when or after an order is issued are resolved one at a time, when or after that order is issued, and before any other orders are issued. - During the Command Phase, a unit can be issued an order only once, even if a game effect causes that order to be removed or issued to another unit instead. A unit is determined to have been issued an order when it is given a face up order token. For this specific scenario, you attempt to issue an order to Padmé, you allow authoritative to trigger instead issuing the order to the saber tank. Then you go to issue your second order, you have already attempted to issue and order to Padmé, therefore she is no longer a viable target to issue further orders to in this command phase. Also authoritative works EXACTLY like comms relay.
  15. You can have 3 inferno and 1 death trooper w/ krennic as an officer.
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