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  1. Al right thanks for the information, I wasnt to certain about that sence ships in starwars normal just blow up and that's it. 😄
  2. I have run into this problem, my players have gotten a hold of a U wing and have manged to get it almost blown up, how many engines could a U wing fly without
  3. Thats a good idea on what to do with artifacts and stuff found at the ruins, I currently have them set up on a run in with the rebels and imperial both trying to get the holocron, and the reason for getting to the holocron is for a hutt, so it that's how I am going to see what side they fall on rebels bounty hunter(middle) or imperial(problay this one) or I suppose they could keep it for themselves and do what the last to folks said
  4. Maybe that could be a fun idea, this is going to be all my players first rpg game, so letting so more crazy things happen is a good idea, thanks for the info
  5. And this could also be usefull for them to sell later on in the black market or something
  6. That's kind of what I was thinks, to give some context, they are going to be looking for an old rare and powerful jedi holocron for a hutt and the empire is there searching for it too
  7. I am running a campaign and the players will be exploring a enchant jedi ruins long lost to history, and i can't decide on what would kinds of loot would be in the ruins ans not just handing a bunch of smugglers a lightsaber
  8. Thanks for the help, but the reason I was looking for card board was that it is free and I don't have the ability to go out buy foam and stuff
  9. I am newer to this game and I am trying to figure out how to make terrain, and am looking for information on how,to make card board terrain that's looks good or any other simple
  10. Thanks for the information some of my family had a lot,of legion stuff so much have to try a big game with them
  11. By the way thanks,for,the feedback and information and help
  12. Ya, I multiple commanders could and just use more command cards, or have different task forces and have a commander for,each task force with a set of command cards
  13. I am new to the game(only got the starter set he he) but I like do large scale battles so lets say 2000 points
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