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  1. If people are getting this kind of prices maybe I will start selling my empty boxes so players can at least get the essence of the scenario. RM
  2. This almost slipped under the radar unnoticed but the new FAQ is up along with an update to the taboo cards. RM
  3. I think this is pretty cool. New cards that you will be released and even if you aren't able to pick them up in packs in the future you still have access to them. I am not on Twitter but I am on Facebook and let's face it - I am already playing so why not share? RM
  4. Halfway through Dunwich Legacy on Blood on the Altar. After this am hoping to go through Return to the Night of the Zealot with the starter decks. After that more than probable Campaign B of the Dream Eaters with new investigator(s). Beyond that not too sure. Possibly start Innsmouth (being a slower player it is possible by the time I start it could be at 4 or 5 mythos packs) and then after that Return to Dunwich but that is dependent upon if I can get the remaining mythos packs for Carcosa. As with all scenarios will look for ways to stick in a standalone scenario either as a standalone or side campaign. RM
  5. Wow - looks like Dark Revelations has sold out of its preorder allotment. RM
  6. Glad I could help. If you have not seen either there is a list of taboo cards that you can print out. The file doesn't have the backs but since they are in the Skids file you can easily print those out as well if you are so inclined. RM
  7. The Skids parallel investigator file contained both the player card backs and encounter card backs which the Daisy ones did not. Hope that helps. RM
  8. This looks to be a lot of fun. I like the mechanic of the cultists going after each other and there are repercussions if it isn't stopped but there is no way to stop them all so you will have to make some tough decisions. I also wonder how much that will play in to the replayability of the scenario. RM
  9. Looks like all of Forgotten Age is back up sans the Return to box. RM
  10. Yea, it is really strange on how the restocks are coming through with only partial sets being restocked. At least the faucet has been opened up a bit and things are flowing somewhat. I have a mish mash of mythos packs that need a few here and there to finish off certain cycles. RM
  11. More restocks and much larger than before. Much of the DUnwich Legacy is back in stock. The last two mythos packs for Carcosa (still not the middle one), Forgotten Age full cycle is restocked, last four mythos packs for Circle Undone, and a couple from the Dream Eaters cycle. Keep on keeping those fingers crossed. 😀 RM
  12. Has it already been mentioned that there will only be 5 investigators this go around instead of the normal six for an even numbered deluxe box? RM
  13. Check the Inflight Report from GenCon as some of the cards they showed off a car and boat story asset cards. Check it out at around 23 minutes. Also, the third Mythos pack cover is a car and the same story asset vehicle shown in the Inflight Report. RM
  14. I believe cars were shown on the FFG stream from GenCon? Oh and the art is kickin’ In these preview cards as well. RM
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