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  1. Firefox doesn't like this webhoster either. I tried another one that doesn't seem as problematic: Encyclopedia Calixis(v0.1)
  2. I've taken the time to compile the great contribution of glyph21 into a new version of the Encyclopedia Calixis. Encyclopedia Calixis v0.1 I redacted/modified the contents and filled the gaps to fit my own campaign, so beware it is NOT canon. It's meant as base data stock a gm can edit to fit his personal needs. I tried to remodel it into a version that can be used as an ingame encyclopedia one can hand out to players, so a lot of information about heresies and daemonic incursions are shortened or omitted. Notable Changes: changed circumstances of Drusus' death unified Spinward Front and Margin Crusade into one (meaning the crusade is still ongoing) removed all mention of the Achilus Crusade/Jericho Reach or replaced them by Margin Crusade/Margin Worlds removed or replaced a lot of information that I deemed heretical and therefore not known to the public renamed Kobras Acquirre to Kobras Hecaton (because of the Hecaton Rift incident and the according marker on the map) It still lacks a chapter about the planets of the Koronus expanse. Maybe I'll add that later.
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