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  1. Well... Honestly mate I don't get the hatred. I love playing against them (CIS player), I love the theme, and I find they are nothing like as unbalanced as people make out. I enjoy playing with them on occasion, and agree they can be a tough faction to play against, but they are not the superpowered space gods people think. Nor do they create such imbalance to the force (see what I did there) that they are made out to. I'd like to see more diversity on their lists (as will come with tweaks to Barcs etc). I don't get why some people hate them so much.
  2. Personally, I'll be sadmad if the clones receive anything more devastating than minor trimming to the main faction (although I would love Barcs to get a buff, those things are cool). I'm not a republic player, and only play them pretty infrequently, but I enjoy matches either facing them or playing as with their existing mechanic. I know that seems unfathomable for a lot of people out there who hate on that, but I do see it as fun to play against, so praying they don't do anything that will change the way they play too much. Some tweaks needed yes, but don't change the flavor. Deffo agree that rebels and Imps need some boons from somewhere though, and excited for Wookie reveal
  3. Honestly the amount of times that I see stuff on peoples 'ban / change' list that is just things they don't like to play against is daft. Part of a strategy game is facing units which you struggle against, and finding ways to adapt & overcome. As more things get released of course the list you swore by 1-2 years ago is going to be outdated. Just nerfing everything isn't the answer, and its how the game goes stale, and placing restrictions on lists (ie. limiting strike-teams qty) is just anti-fun, and changes the dynamic, but not necessarily in a good way. For all we know they may have already tested this idea and seen it fall flat
  4. They could make Maul a 1 white die character and he'd still be my fav when he comes out. But for now, gotta be Cad Bane
  5. Getting into theory now though... To my knowledge we have never seen them interact with their environment in that way (i.e. like an astro-mech does) in film, TV or books, which is ultimately what this game has to go off
  6. I mean yes thats certainly one way to go about it! 😂 I'll realistically have to try running 3 destroyers before I defend the strategy too much, but in my head the tactical suppression (if played right) is more of a surgical removal of the opponents operations, instead of the unsubtle blunt trauma of near 400pts worth of AAT.
  7. Now this idea got me thinking... Once we make it to 2021 and the new Tactical Droid hits the streets, this suddenly looks very feasible. TD will have a command card at least that lends to Destroyer and main gunline synergy at 1 pip. Besides, combine 3 sets of D's with Cad Banes f***ery and electro Gauntlets, and a gunline which has a couple of HQ uplinks, and a Commando strike force, suddenly you are serving suppressions and immobilize for breakfasts, and some pretty lethal components and red dice damage, and then a highly mobile Bane. All this designed to suppress and harass your opponents force into ineffectiveness. Your mediocre synergy wont matter if your opponent has none at all
  8. Dammit no Nute this time. Have to start this up again for the next one
  9. I like that though, would suit his aggressive personal assassin style. Wonder what that 'orange' card is, will it be fueled by rage or some fancy new rule? Anakin had one too...
  10. Issue is they've been doing that for months... God knows what their backlog is like...
  11. Not gonna lie, Maul is just that awesome I don't mind about the balance of armies or how he fits into CIS. Hoping for a Nute Nute too soon though. Pathetic and amazing in one neat roll
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