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  1. Looks like we will get another cloud car to display very soon just an advice before gluing top and bottom hull, make sure the support are cleanly removed (the reactor may be tight to fit) at least that was the case for me. I had use a file to make a "flat" surface in order to fit the reactor to the both "twins" This is something I plan to maybe change in next(s) version of stls Just let me know if it was easy going for you or painfull
  2. I did use tinkercad, its a simple online program quite easy to handle Its ok for vehicles or buildings design, for organic shapes I think Blender is better (but so far I didnt use that much as the learning curve seems too much time consuming for me) You can find printer settings with the txt file attached with the Stls (its mainly a guidance for settings)
  3. When I see the amount of terrain you did print, I am speechless I am trying to print the dragon crest between 2 bussiness trips...... Very nice table BTW
  4. I think I did print with 100% infill but cant remember for sure 75% should be enough In case you still have problem maybe increase Nozzle temp, or maybe you have under extrusion issue
  5. Good Let me know if assembly is fine, as there is always room for improvement
  6. Here is the cloud car Stl files Have Happy printing and assembly time https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7onhwr116fstazb/AACbWJ6FM1s94nyLUNUkW8j_a?dl=0
  7. not yet I am currently on business trip since several weeks I still have some improvement (supportless printing and assembly stuff) to make and then I think I will submit on thingiverse I will let you know via this post thingiverse Link when ready
  8. I did them, the only thingh I didn't create is the radar dish on the desert outpost
  9. Really nice and well built table i do like the holograms, this is a really good addon The trees are simply massive
  10. Here is a TA12 transport shuttle (from thingiverse stl file) A very easy files to print, I do recommend for beginners Maybe needs to scale up a little, I think this was designed for 28mm I did modify STL file in order to add a 5mm LED + a 3.3v battery holder and a micro switch The painting job is a little bit rough and will require some wheathering (didnt paint models since 20 years) Let me know your comments
  11. Very flexible model I just check the files briefly, it seems that the windscreen had to be scratchbuilt with transparent sheet That's also a good addon and very smart design this model does approach the quality of injection molding ones
  12. Wow the details are insane thanks for sharing the link
  13. Thanks, I think I will give a try for a Corellian building
  14. Thank you I plan to do more terrain, I think desert theme got already a lot of 3D files availables, so I will try to find a different environnement for next one(s). Any idea or suggestion is welcome Here is the finished prints on the desert outpost I decide to try magnetized doors instead of slotted ones, just giving a try (waiting for magnets) The gun barrel peg was a bit too small so I did glue it to the upper tower (will have to modify the file) Roofs are removable and everything is printed at 0.2 with a very few supports (looks like I start to get under extrusion on the main door) crates are from thingiverse files Hope you like it
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