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  1. Thank you Mattman285, Henilin! I have reviewed both books and only found a paragraph about first campaing setup, not a scenario setup and a note that weaknesses are being dropped that why I wasn't asking for these Since I don't have english version some wording may be different Because I wasn't able to find in the books there I was trying to find it online Well that's exactly what we are doing from the beginng and still got that doubt what to do. It's Hunter 6th: Makeshift Traps Tactics Before you perform strike from this ability, add to the attack a stun. Strike 1 (translation is by me, but I made it super detailed from the polish version) So there is saying about attacking from the skill, and no discard wording. But its fine now as I found in the book under Strike definition that during any attack, a card with Strike X can be discarded to add X hits to the enemies Again, thank you both for replies as it full solved our issues
  2. Hi, I hope I don't duplicate, but wasn't able to find it elsewhere. The whole camping consist of multiple scenarios that are split using this camp scene (to align the wording as i have non eng version) But the rulebook in my opinion is missing information what happens between scenarios. 1. Do your characters heal all wounds(phys and mental) and start fresh each scenario? 2. You do shuffle you prepared cards into the deck on each new scenario? 3. Do you shuffle used cards into the deck after each new scenario? 4. Do you amend the amount of tokens with leaves on your card? 5. Do the usable items refresh after each scenario? 6. Each character equips only one usable item per scenario, if i get new one do I have two or must I unequip one? 7. Do you clear your trait(?) cards like hidden or desperate after each scenario? 8. How many times per turn you can use skill card? I mean there is a skill card of legolas or hunter saing: "When you add damage using this ability add stun. Damage 1". But it does not say to discard that skill, so what I can constantly use the same skill? Or I add it to each attack action? Thank you for the help in advance..
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