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  1. Would be interested to hear folks impression of the expansion. Haven’t seen any reviews of actual play yet.
  2. I’m playing adventure mode single player with 2 characters and based on a suggestion I read here I ignore the free inspiration each turn. Keeps the game more challenging while still permitting a bit of exploring.
  3. Wow! I’m afraid I’m just way too lazy for that
  4. Agree 100% The tiny cards are a real pain to read. Add to that their use of little squiggles to represent stats and it gets even more difficult. Ran into this in Runewars the Miniature Game also.
  5. I'd recommend you also give Runewars a try, you may find you enjoy it.
  6. Interested to hear how it works out for you. I'm going to pick up the Oathmark rules soon. Though I have no idea when I'll actually play as once quarantine is done want to get in some Runewars first.
  7. Great! I went ahead and ordered the game, looking forward to it!
  8. Thanks! I appreciate the replies, I'll definitely need to have the soundtrack playing in the background
  9. Big fan of LOTR, also D&D player and gamer in general. That said, I'm looking for a game that will truly be immersive. I'm much less interested in metagaming card combinations and number crunching than I am the actual experience and feel of the game. A lot of the conversation on the board seems to be around strategy, which I understand, but when folks are playing the game, do you have that feeling of wonder/discovery/excitement as if you're truly exploring Middle Earth? Hope I'm making sense here, feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. This looks really great, I like the idea of a traditional dwarf army without the guns and cannons seen in so many other games. Was this ever finalized?
  11. Erehwon is skirmish level though right? Seems like ninth age And Oathmark are the two current systems that can manage large battles like Runewars.
  12. Did anyone flesh this out any further? Would be great to have some siege rules for custom scenarios.
  13. Maybe FFG could find a smaller company to license the rules to. That gives them some potential risk free income and the opportunity for another company to invest in and grow the franchise.
  14. Just finished the magnet install for my spearmen and it went great. Love that click as rheumatoid pop into the base.
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