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  1. So the beginning of something new... I have uploaded the core careers from the main three books. You will see a couple of new columns for each career though. These are the primary and secondary career 'types' I have created, these have been added so you can of course find a perfect career for your playstyle. The rest of the careers are being updated - many already exist but I want to upload them when a whole core set is complete - but I am updating all the weapons, gear etc specials from each book as we go. However, I have also added one of the first tables I made for myself - career rule tables. Here if you want to find the book and page number of, say, that crafting table you've lost track of - head here. SW-RPG.Info
  2. I'd quite like to see a galactic overview with a focus on inter-galactic trade, trade routes, smuggling routes and the products being shipped. This together with the forces vying for superiority in each localised areas of space. This is something that has come up with those that I have played with and we've had to be quite creative sometimes to create playable/reusable rules.
  3. So a build-up of the existing service has been uploaded today. The vehicles, vehicle attachments, weapons, armours and attachments pages have all begun to start showing the item special properties. This is a work in progress but you'll find all the core rulesets have been completed for now. The live database has also been updated to include the following: 407 Individual Item Special Properties 356 Weapons 90 Armours 194 Attachments 330 Vehicles 69 Vehicle Attachments 32 Vehicle Weapons 170 Species 449 Planets Happy GMing.
  4. Small but powerful update today. The vehicle database has had the following fields completed: Price, Rarity, Hyperdrive and our custom category, vehicle reason allowing another method in choosing the correct ship/speeder etc. I have also added a pre-programmed search for the three core rulesets to find a starter ship for a new group. SW-RPG.Info
  5. Ok, nice update today. Vehicles, Vehicle Weapons, Vehicle Attachments & Vehicle Components are all available. SW-RPG.Info
  6. Ok, we now have Allies & Adversaries; Armour & Weapons and Armour Attachments tables all live. I've also promoted relevant community services under the tables. If you think of any we should add just let me know. SW-RPG.Info
  7. Another small update but one that I hope you'll find useful. The Planets page is now displaying a table for resources with the house-rule pricing we use for hyperlane trading. I would be interested to hear your experiences with this or your comments/suggestions. SW-RPG.Info
  8. The main table I've been wanting to get live has been the planets. I've put this online now, the searching facility isn't fully realised, but at least you have all have access to the data. SW-RPG.Info
  9. Another database update and the Modular Encounters are now searchable. Version 3.5 400+ Adventure Seeds 70+ Modular Encounters 480+ Allies & Adversaries 330+ Weapons 80+ Armours 180 Attachments 310+ Vehicles 60+ Vehicle Attachments 30+ Vehicle Weapons 320+ Gear Sets 90+ Corporations 70+ Career Rules listings 510+ Talents 160+ Species 440+ Planets 120+ Trade Routes 140+ Resources
  10. Quick update. Adventure seeds have now been incorporated into the dynamic search. Note the database is still not quite complete but with over 400 adventures listed, it'll keep you going for a short while. 🙂
  11. Ok, first draft of a dynamic searchable website for the data is live. It is just weapons for now. It's my first attempt at a dynamic site so forgive the wait to get it all rolled out. @Twinkee This should be easier for you instead of using the raw database (once of course it is all available on the site). SW-RPG.Info
  12. I had some nice feedback on the trade prices so here's an update with this expanded upon slightly: SW-RPG.Info Version 3.2 400+ Adventure Seeds 70+ Modular Encounters 450+ Allies & Adversaries 310+ Weapons 70+ Armours 280+ Gear Sets 49 Career Rules listings 470+ Talents 440+ Planets 120+ Trade Routes 140+ Resources - The house-rule pricing has proven successful so we've expanded this slightly.
  13. I've been recommended a look at @GM Hooly's excellent instruction set as we had this very request in a recent session, so we'll certainly be looking at incorporating some of these ideas in our next session. I had created a database of resources for a GM to use that started off as a simple list of modular encounters but has exploded into a vast collection of data for GM's to refer to when creating an adventure (or even just running a game). I mention this only as we have created a list of products that were created from the import/export listings in the Planetary description pages throughout the rule sets. As some players wanted to buy low/sell high we created some house-rule prices that perhaps some of you might find useful? SW-RPG.Info @GM Hooly Would you be happy if I listed your instruction set, with your credit, on the site (I'm planning on listing a bunch of really useful resources)?
  14. Huge update today. Now I'm using it in anger within my own sessions I've added a bunch of stuff to make my GM work easier. Hope this helps some of you too. http://www.sw-rpg.info Version 3.1 390+ Adventure Seeds 450 Allies & Adversaries - now starting to include droid sales prices 250+ Vehicles Vehicle Attachments, Weapons & Upgrades 290+ Weapons 60+ Armours 240+ Gear Sets 160+ Gear Attachments Career Rules listings: 24 so far 70+ Corporations 66 Modular Encounters Relics, Holocrons & Talismans 40+ Security Forces 380+ Talents 410+ Planets - Now with Galactic Coordinates 100+ Trade Routes 130+ Resources - Beginning to consider inserting house-rule pricing for products here such as Foodstuffs etc to accommodate those players wanting to start an import/export business Now including The Force Awakens Beginner Game
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