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  1. Hello all. Here is a PDF for Star Wars: The Strategy Battle Game! The game is designed to offer an alternative way of playing with the star wars miniatures. It is very loosely based on Games Workshop's "Lord of the Rings" game. Currently only the Republic and Separatist armies are at the point where they are playable. We plan to add tons of other popular characters soon. The game is far from finished and required lots of changes and additions. Any help with play testing, editing, etc... would be greatly appreciated. Thank You - Kolbehs https://bit.ly/2Ge5aYh
  2. Painting or decorating (with grass, rocks, sand, etc...)?
  3. Just reread the note about intelligence. I am definitely planning on giving it more of a purpose. Currently the only effect it has is with jedi mind tricks. I'm planning on doing more with it though. Also I will recommend a overall point value for the game. I just haven't decided on a good number. probably somewhere in the 400-700 range. obviously the players could change this if wanted.
  4. Thank you for your input. The idea to move the rules to the front definitely makes sense. The weight mechanic is my biggest difficulty right now because I'm trying to find a way to put a limit on weapons/tools but I can't make it global. I.e a b1 Cannot hold as many weapons as an arc trooper. I definitely agree that it either needs more work or to be changed. I don't love it either. Similarly with the vehicles, I just need to find another way to make a clear limit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Rex is unfinished (as you can probably tell by his nonexistent special rules). As far as making all the weapons the same power for all users, it limits how much you can change a unit. i.e how is an arc trooper with a blaster made better than a normal phase 1 trooper with a blaster. It is supposed to indicate multiple traits, combined into one. basically, it should be easier for Rex to kill a droid with a blaster than a normal soldier. IMO, the simplest way to do this is to raise the base power. Again any ideas are appreciated. Thank you for all the input on the rules. I will definitely make all that more apparent and coherent. It's hard because I already understand the game (in my head) so I just assume that it makes sense. The idea of having the double range stats was to prevent basic units from using super good weapons. I.e a clone trooper using Aurra Sing's sniper (planning on having 12+" range). As far as how short the average range is, I did some testing and IMO, you would need a very large map to allow them to still move around. It also allows melee characters, jedi, sith, etc... to get close before they can be hit. Otherwise when they are still 2 turns away (12" at 6" move a turn) they get completely blown away by the entire enemy army. Also have you watched star wars? they can't hit anything further away than the barn door.😛 About being prone, the idea is that you would only ever be prone if you were pushed/knocked over, which would basically prevent you from shooting. I could potentially make a rule that a model can choose to go prone, maybe removing/slowing his move but increasing his accuracy? As far as drivers go, I'm planning on adding something about either must be bi-pedal or if it's agreed upon by both players. Any other suggestions/thoughts are very welcome. I'm planning on either making a spreadsheet with known issues/ideas or making the document itself available for comments/edits. I think that would just be chaos though if this becomes popular. I'll probably end up doing a spreadsheet that people can request to have access to. Thank you again - Kolbehs
  5. Just a heads up, I posted a public pdf with the game I have been working on. Enjoy!
  7. I guess that is where it boils down to. I want a war or "battle" game where both teams have an army vs sending in a couple different squads and maybe a hero or 2. Again I totally get that its not for everyone. Thank you for your interest.
  8. As I said, I'm "basing" it on LotR SBG. I'm changing it a ton to suit the Star Wars theme and war style. It's kind of hard to sum it all up into a chat and I'm not done yet but mainly I want it to be more versatile. I want more customization for the characters and stats, faster, more simplified but very strategic combat, and although it is true that you can use character sheets for every unit in LotR, I want it to be much more clean and streamlined to play a game. Basically Star Wars Legion gives me the impression of a board game, while LotR, in my personal opinion, feels more like a Strategy Battle Game. I totally get it if people like Legion as it is, I'm just hoping to combine 2 good things to make 1 (hopefully) even better game.
  9. As I haven't played Warhammer, I can't say. They just look the same. I totally get it if you like legion the way it is. I just want to add more to the game.
  10. Specifically, the LOTR SBG game rules from 2005. I haven't played the newer versions though so I don't know how much has changed. As far was warhammer goes, I haven't played although the layout/strategies do appear to be similar.
  11. Mostly just GW's Lord of the Rings (The original version, not the newer stuff). And from what I have seen of Warhammer, it looks similar.
  12. Not to go on a rant or diminish the game, but IMO the basic mechanics of the game are lacking. The combat, amount of extra pieces (cards, tokens, etc), and the lack of compatibility with homemade/customized objects or units. I'm not saying its a bad game, I just think that, compared to other SBGs, I wish it was better. Just my personal opinion though.
  13. That's what I thought. I've been working on new rules for a while now. I'm basing it on Games Workshop's LOTR SBG. The mechanics of it are pretty straightforward but, IMO, very enjoyable. I'm hoping to finish the rules/stats soon and potentially release them as either a PDF or Booklet if there was enough public interest. I've been testing it myself but if there are others out there who would be willing to play test it/make recommendations, let me know!
  14. Hi all. I have played star wars legion and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that there is much to be desired in the manner of gameplay. Has anyone made alternative rules or made alterations of their own? I've been working on my own for a while (coming soon), but want to know if anyone else has already done this. Thank you ~ Kolbehs
  15. Welcome to FFG! Excellent work.
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