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  1. Greetings fellow heretics. I have an unanswered question that for the life of me, couldnt find it on this forum, so here we go: I happen to know a certain Tzeenchian Sorcerer with Tier 2 Infamy bonus - (the Heretic may spend Infamy Points to add 1d5 Degrees of Success to a successful Test. - P305 Core). Ok the question: The fella above can combine this bonus with a force attack? Let's say that I've hit an enemy and used the killing will and got 5 DoS against an opposed test. Can he at this point spend, lets say, 3 infamy points to generate aditional 3d5 DoS? If so, there is an limit to DoS attained this way? Anyone of you GMs had this discussion before? Thanks!
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