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  1. Questions: Can you upgrade Boost/Setback Die? If so, under what circumstances? Sources: Page 295, Core EOTE. "...Note that boost and setback dice are not normally upgraded to other die types..." Page 11, Core EOTE. "....Setback die are not as potent as Difficulty dice...." Boost and Setback are thematic opposites of one another, therefore one can assume the boost die is not as potent as an ability die. Therefore, Boost and Setback die (if they can be upgraded) would be upgraded to ability and difficulty die respectively. Comments: Even if you can upgrade them, I can't imagine there are too many instances where you could even utilize this rule. If you are aware that you can, could you also provide examples of when would be good times to upgrade them and how to? I looked at Google, FFG, Errata, and also looked at the book to see if the question was already asked, and I did not find anything related to the question. The way it is worded (not normally upgraded) suggests they can be. Poor wording, or intentional? No where else in the book do I see it mentioned, especially not on pages 10-11 or pages 20-22 (explains the dice and upgrading/downgrading/increase/remove)
  2. I will list a few I can think of, but make sure you also have a way to get your players to run into these encounters (via railroad or enticing them) - Have them go down a tight alleyway. Have trouble (rabid animals or something scary) just out of sight but obviously (via audio or shadows) just around a corner. Let their imagination do the work. They can sneak past, but it can be a tense scene. - Have an enticing tool or interesting thing poke out of a hole or loose piece of rubble. When they remove it, it reveals a large pile of bones/bodies - and the character has to make a check to avoid falling into it (and getting separated from the group) - Go down a pitch black tunnel or hallway. No jumpscares, just sudden movements and sudden sounds from closed doors they pass by. - See a survivor (survivor doesn't see them.) See the survivor viciously mauled to death/eaten by monster that is now between them and their goal. Have to sneak around it while it feasts on its new meal. - Have them have to jump across large gap with long fall to bottom. (Two collapsed buildings) - Come across a recent campfire. Dead bodies nearby, freshly killed. Now they know bad guys in area, but dont see them. - Have to backtrack at some point, and they notice something out of place or that a door that was open is now closed. Something or someone is following them. - Hear loud sounds (or sounds of lots of things) below or above them (on a different floor). - See a vehicle fly by or lights come on from house. (Lead them somewhere... also monsters might follow this too) - at the beginning, have something obviously scary somewhere (example, sewer.) Much later (like half an hour or hour later, real time) they now have to go through there. - Set off an alarm of a vehicle. obviously these are all scary or dangerous encounters, but notice none of them involve the necessity (though possibility) of combat. Not every encounter needs to be combat. Though here is a fun idea: Find armored vehicle to ram through buildings or obstacles in road. Much fun will be had. Have it die at inopportune time - its a classic
  3. I am sorry, yes the explorer book has a whole section dedicated to this starting on page 88. It does not provide detailed or ballpark figures. It does state to use obligation and give information on who they can sell such information to, benefits and cons of doing so, etc. It even states npcs may owe obligation to the players if they can not pay them, resulting in side quests and favors.
  4. Here is a how to and example of a simple and easy Note-card layout for you to use at home. I will run through all the steps so that way you can follow along. Hopefully this will keep your organized. (Keep in mind this is more for a quick reference as to an NPC's abilities and statistics, not intended to keep track of WT/ST suffered. You can, of course, use these note-cards however you wish.) Remember: To follow the steps below to revert back to printing the normal size paper preferences. What you Need: Note-cards that are 3.5" x 5" or 4" x 6" (89mm x 127mm or 102mm x 152 mm) The ones that I used are 4" x 6" (102mm x 152mm) Microsoft Word or some other Application that allows you to make tables and type (keep in mind different applications may show up different with formatting. This is why I didn't just share a document) A Printer A Laptop/Computer/Phone Optional, But Helpful Note-card Organizer/Holder (I got a pair of 2 on Amazon for under $15.00, but more expensive and better ones are out there) Some Labels to help alphabetize your note-cards (Some Note-card Organizers will come with these, but they are usually more expensive - around $20.00 - $30.00) How To (Using Windows 10) Go to your Computer Settings Click on the search Feature Type in "Printers & Scanners" Click on your connected Printer. Mine is "Epson (XP-330 Series)" and it should be labeled "Default" Click "Manage" Click "Printer Properties" Click "Preferences" Click "Advanced" Click the drop-down box next to Paper Size to the appropriate setting you want to use Click "OK" Click "Apply" Click "OK" Click "OK" Again Go to your printer and remove any paper Put your note-cards in Vertically (So the smallest sides are up and down) - I prefer to flip them over so the back is showing to me, that way I can write their weapon stats on the other side. Of course, you can make a layout for that too and print it out just as you would a double sided piece of paper (by manually flipping it after it is printed and returning it to the Que so it can print on the other side) Slide the Guide to the right (On my printer it is the gray thing that holds the paper properly in the printer). Mine is on the left, and I think most printers are set up this way. Move it so that it properly secures the note-cards in place Make sure the note-cards are all the way down. The printer may make some unusual noises as it tries to grab them. They are smaller paper and (usually) made of different material so that is OK. Let it do it's thing. Go to Microsoft Word and make a new document Before you type anything, go to File --> Print Now go to Settings where you can change what pages you want printed and the orientation. Set the orientation to landscape. Change the paper setting under that to the appropriate note-card size. You may need to change the Margin Size. I would recommend printing out a few test note-cards to make sure you get it how you want it. Go to Insert --> Table Insert a 1x1 Table Change the first table row so that it should be 1.5 to 2 times as bigger than the default setting. (Unless you want nothing printed on top of the note-card.) Insert as many lines under that as needed Fill in however you wish How does it look? See below for an Example. The first card is designated for my future campaign to be the Republic and CIS stock NPC's and home-brewed NPC's. This lists all the important stat information. I don't have a layout for the weapons listed at the moment, but you can certainly add that on there to print on the other side of the note-card. The Second Card is an Ability/Talent Card for reference. The example cards show how they are used in conjunction with one another. This has been extremely helpful to me in my test sessions. It allows quick and easy reference so that I can run my tests quickly and work on adding more ideas/content and less on making sure I don't accidentally TPK my group. When running large combat scenarios, these are very helpful and I highly recommend using them. These can also be used to fill in info on characters you make up on the spot as well. The Default maneuvers column is one that I use personally because I keep forgetting that the NPC's want to use maneuvers, not just actions. Any questions/suggestions/comments are welcome.
  5. I would imagine much like a commercial airliner in a movie. Yes it is not good to lose an engine or two, but you would still be able to (kind of) fly for a few moments before the stress of having to handle the extra load would blow the remaining engines. This would be a good time to have them crashland and test their survival skills. Or use this to flush their pile of credits down the drain. Or you can use this to have someone pay them through repairs and parts instead of credits. Use it as an opportunity, and let the narrative decide what happens, or how you want to push the story.
  6. Are you following the rules on encumbrance? If not that is fine, it is your game, but if you are that will make almost every check a lot harder. Beyond that I see the only issue I see is when combat comes around do you have an idea what the droid will do during combat? Each character may only receive one medicine check an encounter (Page 218, core Eote). Is he ok consistently taking a backseat during these scenes, or do you have other things planned? Can he hold and use a weapon? Beyond that it does sound like a cool idea!
  7. If the minion group is filled with regular stormtroopers, and one person in that minion group carries a different weapon, there is one thing you need to look at: Do they have the same abilities/characteristics and ratings. If they are different in any way, then they should be split into two separate groups of minions. Now if they are the same, then here are four ways you can approach this: Ignore it. Play the minion group as if they didn't have the support weapon. (If this confuses you and makes you take too much strain on the book keeping side of things) The minion group only uses this weapon. (Simplest way, narratively, one can identify targets. Another can keep a lookout for enemy forces flanking them, another can help provide ammo if it requires it, etc.) The minion group splits up between those using this weapon and those not using this weapon (creating two minion groups). This can allow you to utilize it while still keeping the book keeping simple. Alternate between which weapon the group uses. This allows the utilization of the weapon and the members of the minion groups as well. It would require you to remember which weapon you want to use in which round, however. Hope this helps you!
  8. My group has never discovered a new planet, but as you mentioned it might depend on who you are selling it to, but it also matters what purpose that person/organization has for that planet. For example, When the Republic started (I don't remember where I heard this and I can't find the source again, so take it just as an example) they outsourced the vehicles to two companies: Rothana Heavy Engineering and the Kuat Drive Yards. Both of these companies would have to do this in secret as their customer (Kamino/Republic) is (supposedly) paying them handsomely to do so. Besides credits, the fact that their assets are used by the best military the galaxy has seen in recent years in of itself a huge selling point to those wanting the best of the best - so they need this contract. I could go on at length, but the point is there is a lot of information to sift through to help determine a value. Yes, 17,000 credits is a good payday - for the societal position Han was in at that time. 17,000 credits is a lot to an average citizen, 17,000 credits is but a small fee to a millionaire, and 17,000 credits mean nothing to someone who only values power. If you are concerned with a monetary value and you aren't certain, go with something @whafrog suggested, and have them paid in a way besides credits. "Well, this is certainly valuable information, but with a transaction as large as this, it would be next to impossible to keep this secret long enough to hold it's value to us. How about instead we look into other means of compensation? See, your ship is decades old. The landing gear probably needs lubricated every other landing, the T-bolts have surely rusted near the thrusters, and even I could hear the idler squealing all the way down here. Really paints the wrong kind of picture if you know what I mean. We conveniently have a large selection of the galaxy's finest - and newest ships - and I am sure we can type up the paperwork of one being disassembled for some spare parts. And I am sure a few modifications could have 'malfunctioned' and need to be discarded. But you know it gets busy here and some paperwork might get lost in the shuffle. I am sure this wouldn't raise any eyebrows...or whatever appendage have you." This, as a player, is so much more fun and rewarding than "Here's 10,000 credits for the info. Have a good day." Sure, some credits can be thrown in with the deal, but to have it solely be a payday, is kind of boring. As a GM, this makes book keeping so much easier, and gives you a new plot hook or new credit sink to drain their newly filled accounts. My current GM keeps us very thirsty for credits. So we rarely see anything larger than three figures, sometimes on a big job it is four, maybe five. I give credits a bit more freely, but I try to stick to 4-5 figure rewards. Anything above that should be kept to extremely huge adventures, or near the endgame in my opinion. Unless they have anything big to spend it on, like say a damaged star destroyer they have...requisitioned.
  9. Not sure if you are familiar with the show, but Criminal Minds is great for getting into the mind of a serial killer. IT IS A VERY DARK SHOW. Star wars is not meant to be dark usually, but you can play it how you want. I haven't had any experience playing with serial killer characters in d&d, but I think delving into the criminal side of star wars is a great story idea. You can have the characters work with Republic Judicials or after-the-republic equivilent in tracking down the serial killer or something of that nature. Here are a few common traits of serial killers as shown by criminal minds: -They often interject themsleves into the investigation - They often went through abuse or tramatic experience as a child - A stressor(s) cause the serial killings to begin. (A close family death/bad financial situation causes loss of home or equivalent, etc.) - Can be either very good at social skills or really off setting - Crave Attention, may taunt those pursuing them -Evolve their kills to a perfect ritual (Leave a dead bird on the body, always pointed at a clue to the next victim) - If pushed too far begin to devolve. (Killings become more rapid, sloppy, etc.) Hope the info helps.
  10. If you want to have additional npc's in the ship to help them with some basic functions, there are a few ways to go about this. If purchasing Use their negotiation skill. Have the seller include a few droids or crew members. (If they are getting a bit too rich payroll is a good way to chip away at their credits too). If Requisitioning Perhaps the crew currently residing their is about to overthrow their captain and hire the group to do it. They can't pay them in credits, but they can give them a nice ship. Or vice versa. A captain and a few loyal crew members need the rest of their crew killed off, and in payment, the ship would be theirs to use and they would work for them. If you prefer droids for the group, a couple astromech droids can help control a few basic functions. (Albeit they won't have great rolls.) Also, as @DidntFallAsleep66 mentioned, you can use the ships crew to secretly work against the crew. Have they killed a few Imperial Officers? One of the crew works for the ISB. Has the group ripped off a Hutt? One of the crew could work for that Hutt. Has the group ripped someone off? Maybe that guy has friends in lots of places - like this ship. Hope this helps!
  11. I would like to thank everyone for their contributions. I will be editing the rules with the feedback provided. Feel free to continue providing it, I appreciate any I can get! Again, thank you for being an awesome community and helping me out.
  12. I appreciate your input. I definitely agree with you, these rules need trimmed significantly. Overcomplicating them will bog down gameplay which is the last thing I want. Thank you! My players are all my very close friends in real life, and the only thing I care about is having a fun game we can all enjoy. At the end of the day, that is the point of it - to spend time together and have a blast doing it! I intend to bring every one of these house rules (after adjusting them to the input the community has given me) to my players and ensure everyone is ok with them and understands them, so I really do appreciate everyone's help! This is the way.
  13. Thanks! I will bring this to the attention of the current GM. @Archlyte, here is the page info for spending advantage even if check fails. Thank you for letting me know, I think I will allow it on easy checks in extreme circumstances, but since I am going to use it to upgrade checks instead, I will limit its use to be fair. I will keep your advice in mind about it belittling crits. That's the plan, since the campaign takes place in the Clone Wars and Separatists ended up using numbers over quality. Oh! This actually makes a lot of sense - I didn't look at it that way. Thank you! I will probably not use overrun outside of phalanxes then. I just want to clarify, if you are in cover you will gain advantage against those out of cover, correct? Would make sense and entice players to use cover that normally wouldn't since they have better armor/defense stats. Both you and Archlyte suggested not using Blind Fire, so I might be trying too hard to be tactical. I will definitely keep this in mind and will probably axe it all together. I appreciate you offering an alternative, but I agree with you that it would be complicated, which I want to avoid after reading the feedback. Simple is good. I will definitely look into the alternative more thoroughly though. Thanks for all your help!
  14. Sorry, I have bad habit of overexplaining myself. I know a wall of text can definitely be hard to work with. I dont expect anyone to read whole thing, just wanted to avoid spamming forums with individual posts. I do appreciate advice on even just one thing, I don't expect a review on each thing I listed. I will do my best keep my posts short and to the point in future. ___________________________________________ In response to my house rules being too complicated: Yeah I may have overcomplicated it a bit, I will take your advice and streamline it. The way they are set up now just will bog down gameplay, so I do see your point there. Thanks for the streamlined version of complete cover, this would be a lot easier to deal with in game, but I would still like to use Overrun a little bit more, just as I think it is a really cool rule that deserves a bit more love and keeps the player moving. You never want to stay in one spot too long. But again, I will learn from your advice and streamline it. ___________________________________________ In response to spending advantage on a failed combat roll: Yes I was under the impression that you cant spend advantage that way if you fail, but I did look on pages 206-207 of the core eote and didn't see where it explains that. Would you mind sharing the place where you found that info at? That way I can share it with my current GM and implement that into our current sessions. Thanks! ___________________________________________ As Archlyte stated the triumph house rule was being too generous, and you stated that as well. I definitely like the idea to upgrade the next medical check (if that is a RAW rule I didn't see it on pages 219-221) instead of healong a crit. I also see where some of my confusion comes from after re-reading this section. ___________________________________________ As for the minions and crits, I do see your point. I agree they are easy to take out especially for high level characters (which my current group is definitely at that level with well over 2,000 xp per player....poor GM) I felt as though with a higher volume of baddies being thrown at the group it might be better to do it this way, but I will keep your advice in mind as I do see the point. ___________________________________________ As for suppressing fire, I agree that it is overcomplicated as you pointed out, and it would be nice to combine pinned and suppressing fire as well. It makes it easier on me and my players. I will look into using the advice you offered, I think that will make things a lot smoother. ___________________________________________ I appreciate your help, thanks! And if you could let me know the page number/source for the spending advantages on a failed combat check I would greatly appreciate it!
  15. Of course! I am here to learn, so I am excited to adapt and utilize the feedback provided by the community. ___________________________________________ P-47 actually pointed out to me that the missing but spending advantage is a RAW and I just wasn't aware. I will try to find the page, I didn't see it on pages 206-207 of the core rulebook, but I will edit this response and let you know when I do find it. ___________________________________________ Not sure about the attachment thing, I will search around the forums and see if similar issues arose with someone else. Maybe I need to make it a shared document? ___________________________________________ Sorry, by "Timeline" I mean the canon Timeline. So if Greivous, for example, is supposed to die on Utapu at the end of the clone wars then Destiny will push to keep that true. Destiny might not care if the players change HOW he dies, or if he dies a little sooner or later than that, but if they try to change it too much then it interveens. If a battle is supposed to be lost, Destiny wants it kept that way. It might not care how it is lost, so long as it is not won. Hope that helps.
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