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  1. Hi, I'm new to the game, and i'm french, so please pardon my english, and pardon if the same question exists somewhere on the forum. I'm starting a campaign as GM, and I would like to offer to my players the possibility to create a character who has prior carreer's experience. No problem with out-law carreers, or even a possible jedi in exil, because the Obligations and Morality systems allow to create a system where the player has to augment his Obligations to obtain more ranks/skills/talents from his prior carreer as smuggler, mercenary, etc. (for jedi, I think paying skills/ranks/talents with Morality is a good way to introduce a more balanced/unbalanced Force character and making his past as Force sensitive more pregnant in game). But for those who would like to be Rebellion (or ex-Imperials) veterans, I can't find a way to give them the possibility and adding considerations like the two other cases (out-laws and jedi). I mean, just giving them extra XP to spend in a prior carreer would be too easy and would make the two first options less appealing... I thought to the possibility to determine the number of talents/skills/ranks they have from their precedent carreer with die, and offering the possibility to increase the chance to have a high number by paying with starting XP (like using 1D3 - 1 to 3 ranks - to determine the number of ranks available, using 1D4 - 1 to 4 ranks - by paying 10XP, 1D6 by paying 15XP, but I find this system pretty unbalanced and unfair...) What do you think and what do you suggest ? Thanks
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