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  1. Hello FFG, initially we had only one player with cards, but we liked it a lot so I bought the complete set myself and we played lots of games with different players joining us. Than corona hit hard and we searched for solutions, since there was no official digital version we found the TTS Mod and were really happy how well that worked. I can understand that you fear that you do not sell a lot, but really all board games have the issue that people stop buying stuff, especially when they can´t use it really anyways. Without any real alternative shutting down TTS mod really is robbing us the joy to play the game and the fallback solution you suggest is just a joke. Especially compared to the mod your suggestion feels like a slap into the face for all the fans of the game. You could have at least waited for the corona regulations to be lowered, so that physical gaming is possible again or present a valid alternative.
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