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  1. Hey guys, I posted this thread over to the Star Wars RPG subreddit and got a lot of answers that were all over the place in opinion, so I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm really struggling with them. My problem is as follows: My next session is going to lead to a swoop race. I was wondering if any of you guys know of a Live Play episode where they do a swoop race or if there's a youtube video of someone conducting one. The reason I ask is because it's hard for me to visualize the mechanics of this race with the RAW. Maybe someone can help me out. I'm using the rules supplement for "Taming the Dragon". In this module, there are six legs of the race. It sounds to me like you just go super slow the entire race to reduce the difficulty of all checks so you survive and then at the end you just punch it since speed is the only thing that determines positioning. It doesn't seem like your speed during the first five legs matters. Am I missing something? Because it sounds like if I'm speed 1 all race and then I punch it on the last leg to speed 5, I'm instantly with the leaders. Also, they never explain what failures do in the race. I know that in the core rule book, if you fail going through stellar phenomena, you reduce your speed by one and do not make it through. Does that mean if racers fail their check on leg 2, they have to repeat leg 2 while all other racers move on to leg 3? I'm just having a very hard time visualizing this race in my head because there seems to be no reason to go fast until the end. I feel like I may be missing some important detail. Could someone please help me out? Does anyone have any house rules to make speed not such a detriment? It seems like chases are the same. If you want to catch someone, you go as slow as possible because your dice pool will be incredibly small and you'll generate way more successes than someone who is going at a higher speed or full throttle due to the extra difficulty. In chases, the only upside to a higher speed is you get to increase/decrease your range band on the chaser/chasee by two. However, if you just play it safe and go speed one, it seems you'll just catch them/get away every single time.
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