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  1. What I pay for $175 bucks and what I determine value is entirely subjective. We all have different opinions and value is entirely subjective. Value and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Before the pandemic I just bought a nice prime rib dinner at a high end restaurant, w/wine, and the whole nine yards. Yeah it was overpriced and the next day the money I spent went down the toliet but I worked my tail off and decided to treat myself. App or not if its a good game ( good to me)I going to blow some serious cash on descent. Craving for a prime rib dinner again.....
  2. Personally, I open to try new things. I am looking forward to the game play in the future stream. Also the classes I thought seemed cool.
  3. I kinda wish they put a scenario pack in the middle instead of right after a campaign box but that's my opinion.
  4. Yup saw that. Thanks for the post. The Orange Marvel sleeves I pre-ordered a few boxes and it is an easy remedy for integrating print and play like Ronan. I really hope FFG release more print and play I would love it personally. Looking forward to the sleeves because it would add more spice to my decks instead of solid color sleeves.
  5. Definitely looking forward to this expansion. I know my son is super pumped for those two in the GotG expansion.
  6. I like your suggestion of nightmare modules. I always thought the best replay ability of this game was the modules. Great suggestion.
  7. Best way to keep this game running is to support this line. I am going try my best to buy the 1hero, scenario, and expansion kits. So far ordered and preorder everything so far. I been telling my friends and a few jumped on board. Very hopeful and optimistic for this game line.
  8. Thank you! Very good guide for leadership!
  9. Thank you for the recommendations for novice players. I agree with your recommendations. I would say I'm a casual player and often play with my 9 year old son. During the pandemic I wanted to reduce my son's digital time (Ipad LOL) with more analog time. I stumbled upon MC on YouTube by FFG and decided to give it a shot. Fast forward 3 months later, this is the best LCG/table top game I played with my son. My son loves it to. I know a lot of people play competitively but I mostly play to spend some quality time with my boy. Thank you for your post.
  10. Following. Would like to know as well.
  11. Supertoe, Thanks for doing this. I agree with you on the list, the only modular set that is questionable is goblin gimmicks. Goblin Gimmicks can be tricky and a pain in the @$$. An example, couple days ago in Heroic 1 Rhino last phase, just got a bad setup with his charge and his pumpkin bombs and you can probably guess what happened (LOL). Just didn't have the resources to remove those attachments and had no options left but to that that spikey horn you know where LOL. Also if Rhino gets his Horn and the glider. That +2 Dmg on top of regular dmg...Should call him Super Rhino when he gets all those attachments.
  12. Just got my Black Widow yesterday. So far loving the character. My favorite aspect with BW is Justice. Going to try BW with Protection today and test out playing against Klaw expert.
  13. Black Panther protection does fairly well against Klaw along with a hero with leadership/Justice. Whenever I go up against Klaw my go to hero is Black Panther. Today I will try out Black Widow and she how she does against Klaw.
  14. Just wanted to say I really enjoy the mechanics on Green Goblin. He is my favorite villain expansion deck.
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