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  1. What I pay for $175 bucks and what I determine value is entirely subjective. We all have different opinions and value is entirely subjective. Value and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Before the pandemic I just bought a nice prime rib dinner at a high end restaurant, w/wine, and the whole nine yards. Yeah it was overpriced and the next day the money I spent went down the toliet but I worked my tail off and decided to treat myself. App or not if its a good game ( good to me)I going to blow some serious cash on descent. Craving for a prime rib dinner again.....
  2. Personally, I open to try new things. I am looking forward to the game play in the future stream. Also the classes I thought seemed cool.
  3. I kinda wish they put a scenario pack in the middle instead of right after a campaign box but that's my opinion.
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