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  1. Last night I tried with Ms. Marvel, I lost, but it was fun again. I can see lots of potential with Ms. Marvel. I was schemed out, but I had 3 schemes on the go. In retrospect I was able to reduce 5 threat at a time, I made the mistake of sinking them all in the main scheme instead of Breaking and taking like I should have. I think that with a number of upgrades, she can be very powerful. I think that my main issue now is that, every night, I am trying a new hero, and every hero has a different playstyle. I have been doing the Rhino mission to get used to it. In retrospect, I wonder if Spider man is the deck that might be best for defeating Rhino. I just see his deck as being the simplest and most straightforward for the base game. Other decks have a bit of a learning curve but the Spider Man deck seems pretty well rounded for newbies.
  2. Thanks for the information about Black Widow! I will try that again sometime I also played Black Panther, I lost but I had lots of fun playing it. I was schemed out, but I can see myself winning quite a lot. I think that the secret is really just to get all the upgrades, and keep playing Wakanda Forever. The only problem is that, once you have the upgrades, it might be tough to find them, so cards which recycle cards is very important.
  3. Played Black Widow, Loss Started off ok, and was able to clear the first stage, but I found with Black Widow is that damage came in drips and drabs, and there was no really great Threat reduction. Eventually turned over Taskmaster and got defeated through the scheme hitting 7. Needs work...
  4. I just won with She Hulk What made this game different was that twice i changed to her alter ego, mostly to heal, and get lots of cards. Avengers mansion helped too. It was a slow start and it took some time to grind down Rhino. At one point Titania came in, but I was able to use uppercut and Tigra to put her down. The game ended quickly though. I had combat training and 2 one-two punch cards which allowed me to inflict 12 damage, plus tac unit (2 points) and an upper cut (5 points) allowed me to finish the first stage, and drop Rhino all in 1 round
  5. Thanks, the economics are the same. I realized that cards are currency. Avengers mansion is another card every round which can allow 1 to 3 resource points (Hulk gets lots of strength 3 resource points). Helicarrier is a 1 point reduction which is the same as another resource point. Martial Prowess is another point. They all add up. Now, Hulk is not as good I find as Spider Man, but he has some cards which are good. Hulk Smash (the one with a basic attack of +10), can potentially demolish Rhino in 1 round. The thunderclap can potentially clear a table of minions. The sub-orbital jump can reduce threat. What I found however, is that you need allies. Once the cards start coming in, getting she hulk, Brawn, and Sentry were essential for Threat reduction (which at one point was getting out of hand). There was another card (I forget the name) which reduced threat by 2 which I used twice. There was the other card which had Daredevil on the cover which basically reduces threat by damage received up to 5, but I passed on that because my health was already getting down to critical levels. Tonight I might try with She-hulk or Black Panther.
  6. Tonight I played Hulk vs Rhino, 1 loss, 1 win The first game was done quick. At first I lay a ton of damage, but my first encounter brought Abomination into play. Soon Rhino and Abomination were laying a ton of damage into me and I soon lost, The second game I was tempted to deal alot of damage in my first turn, but I got Avengers mansion instead (good move). It was a slow start to the game where I did not cause damage, but I built up the table with Helicarrier, Martial prowess, Brawn, She hulk, and Sentry. I had enough cards and resources to keep threat low, and my allies helped with damage, threat, or protecting me. I was down to 3 health, but landed a final blow to win!
  7. I finally won it, Spider man vs. Rhino, it was actually very easy. I realize that Slider man is very difficult to hurt, every round he can defend for 3, or he can use back flip, or Spidey sense, but I found that webbed up was extremely useful because it basically nullified 2 attacks ( 1 to remove webbed up, and 1 because it gets replaced with stunned). I also realized that Spider man cycles through lots of cards because of his basic hero power (getting a card every time he is attacked). I soon had lots of cards to play, more by using Avengers mansion to get more cards, and helicarrier to make 1 card cheaper). Soon I was getting lots of backflips to demolish Rhino's health. Using Daredevil and interrogation room and the web sensors kept the threat very low. What a great victory!
  8. In the few games that I played, usually losing hit points. I think that I do not flip to my alter ego enough. I think I just stay in Hero mode and try to batter the villain to oblivion which, I am learning, is a rookie mistake
  9. Perfect, all sound advice. Part of the reason I want to buy at my local store is 1/ to get something cool for Christmas, and 2/ to help struggling businesses during the Pandemic (Honey...I buy these character packs to help the economy)
  10. Perfect! That's exactly what I needed. How difficult are the Wrecking Crew and Green Goblin Scenarios compared to Rhino?
  11. Hello Everyone, I like this game, and want to like it more, but am still getting my butt kicked playing. I am struggling to beat Rhino but want to get better. I think winning a few will rebuild my confidence. I have the core set, Captain America, Black Widow, Mrs. Marvel, and Hulk. I do feel compelled to get more for Christmas. Are there any mission packs or characters that might help me win more? I am looking at the Green Goblin Scenario pack, or wrecking Crew, or the Red Skull, or any other characters? Thanks,
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