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  1. I'm in the same boat. From the looks of things, it's a common occurrence with new users. People seem to just wait it out or ask a moderator. Although, I wouldn't know which moderator to contact.
  2. I was planning on making a Sathari Force Leap spammer because their Glider trait allows them to avoid damage from falling. I figured it would help mitigate the risk of recklessly leaping onto high places. It made me read the falling damage rules for the first time with an actual plan for comprehension. According to the falling damage chart, I get to avoid a lot of damage, but I didn't consider the strain suffered. The lumping together of damage and strain under the "falling damage" chart makes me feel I could make a case for avoiding strain as well, but I think I'm just being greedy. Just to make sure, I ask this question: Would the Sathari's Glider trait allow them to avoid both damage and strain from falling or only damage?
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