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  1. Does anyone have any unique character ideas? I’d love to hear them. I’m interested in learning about interesting ways to create well-known characters using the many FFG Star Wars Sourcebooks. This includes characters from the Star Wars universe and from outside, or otherwise unrelated, sources. To kick this off, does anyone have any ideas about the best way to build Star Lord from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? Personally, I think Star Lord would easily fit into the Smuggler’s (Gunslinger) career spec. IMO, he’d fit in nicely in the Corellian Human race option. Still working on him... I’m open to hear from anyone who has any ideas on his weapons, armor, and gear. Feel free to bring up other interesting ideas for character builds of any kind!
  2. Okay, I’ve read through some of the books. I have close to all of them now but now that I’m actually playing around with character building, I hit just a little snag. I think I’ve fully grasped the concept of XP point buying, but I’m wondering something about skill buying. If I want to buy additional skills that are part of a different specialization BUT are within the same career technically speaking, would I have to spend MORE XP for that skill? Say I chose to play a Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer) which doesn’t grant the Melee skill as a career or specialization bonus skill. Bounty Hunter (Assassin) DOES offer the Melee skill as a BONUS SKILL. I were to use XP to buy a rank in that skill, would I have to purchase it as a “career” skill or as a “non career” skill.
  3. So, to kick this off, I’m a complete beginner when it comes to the Star Wars tabletop. I’ve played D&D for years and learning something completely different is proving to be kind of confusing and difficult. I plan to be the GM for my friends and we have all the books, but I guess I’d like some help “dumbing it down” to where it’s easier to understand and get into. For example, I understand that this game doesn’t technically support multi classing, or so I understand from reading the books and other forums. But also, I’ve read that players can buy into other specialization that aren’t associated with their careers, which in my opinion is EXACTLY what multi classing is. To any who understand my dilemma, any assistance?
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