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  1. This has turned out to be a great discussion. i would tend to think that heros who filter through their cards should have a slightly larger deck. Or i should say a larger deck doesn’t hurt them as much. Ironman, captain marvel, even black panther (if you ever switch out of hero mode) filter pretty quick. Once set up they have money a few extra card could be the options they need for what’s happening. Where as spidey would be better with a smaller deck. Thoughts?
  2. I have seen alot of people trying to get an “optimal” deck at 40 cards. Why? This isn’t a competitive game. If you have great cards to put in why not put them in? I know it makes it harder to maybe find “the” card or the ones you favor but usually you are choosing between great cards anyway. Also there is a penalty for going through your deck so more cars in deck less encounter cards. I personally usually run around 44 but that is strictly I pick the cards I like for my concept and end up there almost every time it’s 44 for me but 44 is not a goal it just happens. So why 40? Is it just a hold over from other card games? How many do you put in you deck?
  3. Any chance they might release 2 heroes at once like they did with captain america and ms. Marvel?
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