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  1. Hello and excuse me if the topic can be of little interest... I only wanted to ask for a suggestion for my pg progression, since my Soshi Illusionist has almost reached grade 3 of her curriculum and I'm wondering if spending 8 points (it's in the grade 2 school curriculum, so full progression here) in order to reach Theology 4. She's a Shugenja/Shinobi/Courtier heavily based on invocations, obviously in Air (3) and Water (3) rings. Do you think 4 Theology is a waste of points and I should better wait to raise those rings at 4 instead? (I'll eventually do it for the higher level invocations) or maybe in the long run, an high Theology attribute will fit well? My Fire and Earth rings are at 2, even if I don't find many useful invocations in those rings for my style, in fact I've raised these rings for practical purposes. The only fire invocation I like is the Katana of Flame, but with only 2 black dices to keep I can't exploit it well and I have to use Bo of water. I find this fire weapon enchanting invocation way too strong compared to the other rings weapon counterparts, because it's the only spell which grants supernatural damage to a single target without having a party suicidal AOE) Thank you very much
  2. Hello everyone I would like to ask for some clarifications regarding prepared invocations and wards (the green table I've attached). 1- In order to prepare an invocation, may a Shugenja use the channeling option, since it states that channeling can be used outside conflicts but only once? 2- May she also use a spiritual offering with the proper component while preparing the invocation? (in order to reroll 3 blank dice) 3- Will the Strife points of the pre-rolled result apply immediately at preparation time or when the invocation is activated? 4- In order to activate a prepared invocation, one must be a Shugenja (having the proper Theology and Ring scores) or any character can? 5- Which is the TN for the Composition check in order to place a ward? I think there are 2 checks that must be passed: the Theology one in order to cast the invocation and the Composition one to place the ward, but I can't find the TN for the last one. Thank you very much
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies I know that I can choose every Invocation, but only the ones in the rank curriculum I am count full points in order to rank advancing. The only thing is that with rings and ability out of curriculum both to rise, I'm always taking half points in the advancement : ) Regarding Ninjutsu I think you're right, there are so little techniques to choose (one per rank) and they don't seem so useful, at least the first rank ones. However so far I've picked them all, playing a stealthy shugenja
  4. Hello everyone I'm playing a Soshi Illusionist and she has just reached Rank 2. Now, all this Dojo is clearly based on the Air and Water rings, not only for the Shinoby and Courtier skills approach, but especially for the Invocations: you always and only get air and water invocations in the curriculum. Moreover, you get a +1 in both those rings during the character creation by joining this Dojo, and I'm doing fine having reached a score of 3 in those rings. I think I'll have to rise them further for 4 rank invocations. The strange thing I've just noticed is in the curriculum Rank 4... Suddenly it gives you Rank 1–4 Earth Invocations, which is a nonsense in my opinion. This Dojo addresses you from the very beginning to concentrate on Air and Water rings, so why should it give you Earth Invocations all of the sudden at that point? In order to use high level invocations you need a very high ring score, but I find impossibile (or awful) having to also raise Earth ring so high. May this be a writing error in the manual? I would find more natural if at Rank 4 you get Rank 1-4 Water Invocations, also because in the remaining curriculum ranks you can't get them. What do you think about? I've attached a screen of the curriculum for clarity Thank you
  5. Hello everyone Mine is not a rule question, but a curiosity regarding how to play. I'm playing a campaign with 3 friends and so far we did it very well without the use of a grid. We also had few combat, thanks to the narrative style of the game and the beautiful setting. We are playing by Discord, off course, because of the quarantine and the distance between us. But now, with experience points gained, my Soshi Illusionist (the only shugenja in the party) wants, and should, learn new invocations and many of them, especially the Air ones, deal with area of effect and zone of effect. Some of them are centered on the caster, other are centered on a target space you can choose and then affect the area around it. There are invocations I can cast in order to create dark areas, which one or more of us could exploit with Ambush or other ways. There are also invocations which deal supernatural damage around the caster till a certain range. So... How can I play all those things without using a grid for positioning characters' and enemies' miniatures? How do you handle all of this? Thank you very much in advance
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