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  1. So a PCs character jus died in an ongoing campaign and have now made the concept to a new one. But I wonder... Do I give them some boost in EXP to make sure they don't fall to much behind the others, or do I follow the standard rules? I can see how both sides of this can have pros and cons, most notably where the cons can be that if a character dies and you get full EXP back you become less afraid to die in-game. But at the same time might it be quite boring to lvl up from scratch after the others have reached around 400-500 exp over multiple sessions. What to do, what to do?......
  2. Well I try to create these moments where he is not the center of attention. Example when the group is negotiating something. Unfortunately when things turn out sour does it ussely become the classical "well anyway, I started blasting" moment where he forces an argument upon others one way or another. It does not happen often since the rest of the group can handle out of combat scenarios, but just having "that feeling" of knowing he will kill everyone in the room if they don't agree just ticks me off sometime. Whats even worse is that this is beffiting of his character so I can't really blamme him for it. The player is a good friend and an excelent RPer, but his character is just so narrowminded and triggerhappy it's frustrating. Imagine an: extremly Weakminded and Shorttemperd Saw Gerrera, with a narrow vision of how to do things in order to liberate the people of the galaxy (Welp, kinda just sounds like Saw now that I type...) BUT give him the shooting skills of Deadshot from DC Comics and you have my dear Sniper, aka my best friend IRL. ^^' Also to continue the topic of making sure to do more things outside of combat, the rest of the group look to the sniper for solutions both in and out of game. Most likely due to his character having ties with the Rebel Alliance and because of his prior RPG experience. This has given him a leader role where he is in command of a growing Alliance in the Outer Rim. My only concern is how far he will go before conquering the Galaxy...
  3. I was accually not aware that a Triumph dosen't cancel out a Dispair. I had my suspicions but never really played on it. Thanks for the info! And I might just try to use the sniper. Maybe less to kill the player but to give our dear "sniper elite" a challange and his own "nemesis" of some sort. This way maybe I can redirect his focus from enemies the rest of the group would be better suited to handle. In other words give the players some time to shine. I use squads alot but have not tested to use Rivals in them due to it risking becoming to much for the rest of the PC's to handle. But I do believe I mentioned above how I was inspired to handle that ^^. Luckely is he EXTREMLY low Disciplined. Using the force from Inquisitors that are hunting the Force Sensetive in the group have proven quite effektive. However his respons is to just shoot immideatly when he sees them in hopes of killing them before they can do things. Luckely do I predict this and last session did I added another inquisitor that charged from stealth. Hopefully this will put some fear in him ^^'. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hi everyone, first time posting on the forums with a question! I am currently GMing for a Knight lvl group of around 600+ EXP and over 24 game sessions, however I have found myself in a situasion where balancing encounters are darn near impossible. In the party do I have a trigger happy sniper that has min-maxed his talents and skills perfectly to become a one-shot killing beast (Assassin + Sharpshooter tree). He runs around the sessions doing over 20-30 dmg with +70 Vicous crits due to talents, dices and modifed weapons. Needles to say he is one-shoting everything. Including bosses like inquisitors WITH Reflect power. Even Boba Fett was almost killed when I brought him into the game. The reason he can do this specificly is because of all the talents like "Deadly Accuracy", "Precise Aim", "Targeted Blow", "Lethal BLows", etc stacking. So he spends every action/manouver he have simply flipping destiny points and suffering strain to deal tons of dmg. Oh and he never gets any threats or Despair since his dice pool is just out of this world. (Aka 5 Agility, 5 Ranged Heavy, 4 Accruate on weapon, Pierce etc.) But since the rest of the party are nowhere near that strenght do I find myself having balancing problems. Hence the following questions: 1. Can "sniper elite" do these many active talants at once? Also the narrative aspect of wiping "legions" of Strormtroopers with just a sniper seems a bit... far fetches? - "My lord... is that..... legal???" 2. How can I balance the game better with this in mind? 3. Is there a cap on how much strain you can recover with advantages during combat? Because if we tie in this with the whole dicepool problem of the sniper he never runs out of strain to keep doing his shenanigans.
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