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  1. Yes, thanks Dale and well done everyone! I had lots of fun trying it for the first time this month and hopefully will try next month (although I haven't played Mount Doom before, but I hope to play it fairly soon).
  2. I have always played it by revealing a card to guard both objectives. If I revealed an Athelas as the guarding card for an Athelas I would reveal another card to guard the original Athelas, then reveal a 2nd card to guard the 2nd copy of Athelas. I just checked the FAQ for guarded and couldn't find anything on it. As you reveal cards after a guarded card is revealed, if you reveal another Guarded card I don't see why you should ignore the Guarded keyword on the 2nd card. From the Rules of Play, page 24 under Guarded: "If another objective cards comes up while attaching a card for the guarded keyword, place the second objective in the staging area, and use the next card of the encounter deck to fulfill the original keyword effect" Also from the same page: "The Guarded keyword is a reminder on some objective cards to reveal and attach the next card of the encounter deck to the objective when it enters the staging area from the encounter deck and place them both in the staging area" I don't think it's very clear from that paragraph what you should do, but as it doesn't explicitly state the Guarded keyword on the 2nd objective is ignored I would lean towards both objectives receiving a guarding card. That does mean you could have a round with 4 copies Athelas revealed each with an encounter card leading to a possibly horrendous situation. Unrelated comment - I think it is very interesting to see the other decks people have come up with for this league. Personally I built my deck with the hope it could beat Journey along the Anduin and A Journey to Rhosgobel easily, and just hoped for the best on Escape from Dol Guldur. Maybe that wasn't the best plan in hindsight
  3. I just had a very easy win on A Journey to Rhosgobel where I was able to get away with Beravor drawing 2 cards every round. I drew 2 copies of Lore of Imladris early on and had one Athelas revealed and one Forest Grove. I didn't have any Treachery cards revealed and got Steward in round 2, and in play on Round 3, from a Mountains of Mirkwood. I was able to use Elf-Stone to great effect, getting Gimli and Haldir into play for 1 resource each. The full questlog is on ringsdb, under the deck I linked before. So my total Valar Tokens used is 4. 0 for Journey along the Anduin, 4 for Escape from Dol Guldur and 0 for A Journey to Rhosgobel. Good luck to anyone still yet to play!
  4. After 4 failed attempts at Escape from Dol Guldur I manged to win on the 5th attempt with 4 Valar Tokens, and with a lot of luck. I had Pippin as the Prisoner and 2 Treacheries revealed in setup. I used one Valar Token to ensure I could afford Steward round 1, and used the other 3 to draw cards. I was able to get Henamarth Riversong in round 1, and he helped me plan massively. I was able to stay on top of the locations and kept threat low. In a change from almost every other time I've played this quest I claimed Shadow Key instead of Gandalf's Map to progress to stage 2. I wanted Beravor to be able to attack and defend if necessary and I had a Daughter of the Nimrodel to keep healing her back to full. I was able to defeat the Nazgul of Dol Guldur in a single round with the help of an Elf-Stone into Gandalf. I cleared stage 3 in a single round at the end. I did record the whole game via text, but it's very long. I haven't really got a very good system yet, but the quest log is on ringsdb: https://www.ringsdb.com/questlog/view/11078/escapefromdolguldur5-1player-2020-06-08averyluckywinhenamarthsavestheday Journey Along the Anduin: 0 Tokens Escape from Dol Guldur: 4 Tokens
  5. Thank you. Perhaps I should have described the exact situation I was thinking about. I have the card Strider's Path in my deck and am playing Escape from Dol Guldur. Suppose I have Strider's Path in my opening 6 card hand and keep it, and I am using 1 Valar token. Then for the setup of stage 1A The Necromancer's Tower, I reveal and attach a card to each of the objectives. If I reveal a location, (say Mountains of Mirkwood for example) can I 'interrupt' and use the Valar token as a resource for a Lore hero then use the Response of Strider's Path to immediately travel to the location before continuing with the rest of setup? Similarly if I had a Test of Will in my hand and revealed a treachery in setup that I wanted to cancel, could I use a Valar token to add a resource to a Spirit hero's pool and use A Test of Will to cancel that treachery?
  6. A few questions/clarifications: Should Valar tokens only be spent *anytime* after step 5 (referring to the Rules of Play) of Setup (Draw Setup hand)? I saw that it used to be after you draw setup hand/mulligan. Also is using a Valar Token an Action rather than a Response? This is the deck I've decided to go with https://www.ringsdb.com/decklist/view/16404/sololeague22june2020jataefdgajtr-1.0 I've recorded the games as I go in word and have put the quest logs on Ringsdb. I've played Journey Along the Anduin and won it easily on 0 tokens. I was very lucky and only revealed 2 other enemies than the initial Hill Troll, and only revealed 2 locations. I was able to defeat the Hill Troll in one round with a Sneak Attack Gandalf. I quested through stage 2 in one round with Faramir, and didn't reveal any enemies in the 4 total reveals of stage 2 staging and stage 3's When Revealed effect. I've played Escape from Dol Guldur 4 times now with no success. Lasting 8, 4, 1, and 11 rounds and with 0, 1, 2 and 3 Valar Tokens respectively. I've had Pippin as the prisoner twice and Beravor as the prisoner twice. I haven't made it to stage 2 yet. In my prior testing I managed to win twice with 2 treacheries in setup but so far I've had at least 2 non-treacheries in every attempt. I'm hoping for some better luck on attempt 5 I've haven't found that the Valar Tokens have made a big difference so far, but I might just not be using them to the best effect. Edit: (Added "setup hand" for clarity in the first question)
  7. Great job Alonewolf87! I don't think the link your to the deck works in the above post, but I guess it's much the same as the Back to Basics Solo League June 2020 you posted a few days ago. I'm very impressed with your Journey to Rhosgobel game, did you test the deck against it prior to your official attempt? I used to think it was almost impossible without Lore of Imladris, but maybe I have always had rotten luck against it. My testing has not gone very well, I think I'm going to drop Damrod and might try Imrahil instead. Mono-Lore didn't seem to cut it very well. Also I have a query about Iron Shackles, after reading your playthrough of Escape from Dol Guldur. Once it is attached to a player's deck it reads "The next time a player would draw 1 or more cards from attached deck, discard Iron Shackles instead." I have always assumed if you draw X cards from an ability while Iron Shackles is attached to the deck you don't get to draw any cards. So if I use Gandalf's enter play ability to draw 3 cards while Iron Shackles is attached to the top of my deck I instead draw 0 cards and Iron Shackles is discarded. Is that correct?
  8. I'm really excited to try this for the first time now that it's a cycle I have this month. I've got a provisional deck built on ringsdb, I think I'm going to go for Lore Denethor, Damrod and Beravor, but I will test the deck against at least Passage through Mirkwood before settling on a final lineup. I haven't played solo very much at all, and not for quite a while so I don't expect to do very well against Escape from Dol Guldur especially. Thanks to whoever picked this cycle for this month!
  9. I believe they used to have a conditional reshuffle: "If the current quest has the battle or siege keyword, shuffle this card back into the encounter deck", which was completely removed in the errata. I've only ever played with the post-errata version which is punishing enough, so having to shuffle them back into the deck and potentially draw them again sounds awful. I also think this could create a loop, where if the only cards left in the deck were Blocking Wargs you would just endlessly reveal and reshuffle them, while also killing all non-immune questing characters.
  10. Very interesting questions! My thoughts: Question 1: I'm not at all sure about this, I think you could choose Sword-Thain Gildor as the captive. However I don't think you would automatically start with the hero version him in play as a hero for the next scenario as he wasn't recorded as a starting hero in the campaign log at the beginning of Breaking of the Fellowship. You could add and record him as a starting hero for the Uruk-Hai and he would become the captive. I think in this case you would not be able to use the Grey Wanderer for that scenario though, and you would have to sacrifice Gildor and take the +1 threat penalty to avoid being locked into having 2 starting heroes for the rest of the campaign. If you don't choose to add and record Gildor as a starting hero I think you would be forced to choose one of your starting heroes to be the captive for the Uruk-Hai for the setup of stage 1A. Question 2: If you didn't have Sword-Thain in play I think you would have to choose Haldir as your captive. You could choose a new hero for the Uruk-Hai but you would have to take the +1 threat penalty from trading heroes, and if you wanted to continue using The Grey Wanderer whichever single starting hero you choose would become the captive for The Uruk-Hai. I think this would be the same if you were playing with 2-3 heroes and replaced whichever hero you picked as the captive in the campaign card resolution of Breaking of the Fellowship (and took the +1 threat penalty for trading heroes) Question 3: I think for the last question if you had Aragorn as the Grey Wanderer you would just not record a captive in the log. I don't think it would really matter, as then I think for the Uruk-Hai you would be forced by the quest stage 1A to choose a starting non-fellowship hero as a captive if you did not have one recorded in the campaign log.
  11. This is great! Very clear and well formatted. I look forward to seeing more! I tried something similar a couple of times, but I found it painfully slow to record while playing 2-handed. I did pick possibly one of the worst scenarios to try first, in terms of expected game length; Flight from Moria. (I also tried The Seventh Level which was faster, but probably took me around 2 and 1/2 hours instead of about 1 hour to play. I think Flight from Moria took me about 4 hours while recording it in detail, but it was a 13 round game that I played in 2 sessions) How much longer do you think this took you than it would have done to play without recording it in detail? (Perhaps you record all your scenarios to this level, in which case ignore the question)
  12. Thanks, that example is good. I don't think I understood it the first time I read it as it didn't seem very intuitive to me, but it makes some more sense to me now. I'll have to remember for this the next time I play through the Saga scenarios.
  13. I think it only applies to cards in play, so I don't think it would work with Tactics Elfhelm. Shadow of Fear's text reads: "When Revealed: Treat the printed text box of each character in play as blank (except for Traits) until the end of the round". So I don't think any characters that enter play after it is revealed would be affected by it. I have a question about Core Gandalf. If you had Core Gandalf in play and revealed Shadow of Fear would you be able to keep him in play? Does the player get to choose what order the end of round effects trigger?
  14. To add to this, I think that a you can play a third restricted attachment on a character with 2 restricted attachments and then immediately discard one restricted attachment of your choice. Hopefully someone can correct me if that is wrong.
  15. You certainly use the Fellowship Aragorn for the Treason of Saruman scenarios; but I think maybe you should have to taken another +1 threat penalty when you started The Uruk-Hai. The section in the rules for the Treason of Saruman, in the section titled Campaign Mode Rules - Aragorn: "If Aragorn had previously been added to the list of fallen heroes, remove his name from the list and each player incurs a permanent +1 threat penalty." I interpret that as in addition to the +1 threat penalty you must take if you replace a hero if one dies in a scenario in Campaign Mode.
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