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  1. So from my understanding (and feel free to correct me) Endless Vigil has Pod Racing rules. Long story short I'm watching a Protonjon stream and he's playing Pod Racer Revenge on the PS2, he put his name for his high score as Creg Neme (there wasn't room for Nemesis) and now I wanna seriously make Creg Neme as a character. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  2. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone had gotten the latest minicrates - I haven't had one arrive since April (I think it was Daidoji Uji or Shoju). Is it normal to hear nothing from Privateer Press for a couple months? Kodi nox Thanks
  3. So if we were to follow the same trends as the last two expansions, BfA’s successor will be announced in either 5 months if Blizz decides to reveal it at GamesCon, or 8 months if we get the standard BlizzCon reveal. The questions I have are: 1: what would you like the theme to be? 2: what features would you like to see expanded? 3: what features would you like to see removed/ignored? 4: did I miss anything? (Personally I’d like to see a new planet, I would like them to keep adding in allied races every now and then, but not as much as right now. I’d also prefer if they went back to the legion style of random legendaries and one piece of gear with a talent tree)
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