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  1. Just create a custom lightsaber crystal in the data editor with the abilities/talents/etc as base modifiers (or optional if they need to "earn" the further upgrades) and then export your dataset for your players to use. You can do that with literally anything - if it's something they can add to their existing gear, make it a 0 HP attachment for that equipment type etc. Data editor is your best friend.
  2. While I understand their ruling, it does seem pretty strange and contrary to the entire career that the attachment was added to. The whole gist of the armor attachment, as stated in C&M is: "...plates that can be sewn into clothing to give the wearer concealed armor protection. They can be added to any garment that is suitably large and alterable, and can be installed by a skilled tailor for a modest fee." Why would that remove the carrying capacity of the Cargo Clothing, or remove the concealing features of Banal Apparel? They're meant to be discrete armored plates to enhance your current clothing, not change it into something else entirely. That being said, the extra mods do make it seem absurdly strong, as it is basically allowing you to get super Armored Clothing (double-soak, double-def, harder to spot) for 75% of the base cost of Armored Clothing. If you also throw a Superior on there, you've got armor now that exceeds Kav-Dann/PX-11/Leviathan Power Armors (defensively, at least) for a fraction of the cost. It's a weird power-creep attachment, and super attractive to low-Brawn characters who have very little soak as it is.
  3. I think Bellona was saying that the armor would be SET to 1 HP instead of adding a HP, basically making it great for low/no HP armor, but less so for something like a crafted Customizable armor.
  4. Hey Ogg - absolutely love the CharGen, it's a massive help for someone new to the SW FFG system. Quick question - would it be possible to add a section to the GM grants for Force Powers? I know we can add force rating, but our GM has granted out basic unlocks for powers, and I wanted to see if it'd be possible to add that as a GM grant vs just having our XP be wonky from the correct "Earned" value.
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