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  1. I see your point, on the price. I shopped around and found some reasonably good deals. I wouldn't have the same opinion if I paid msr for the games. That also being said, the lieutenant packs which were often priced at around 10 bucks came with a full fledged deck of agenda cards that provided options and strategies that were game changers- and a nifty figure. Overlord players had the retail purchase options to choose their own stories strategies and options. Hero players, likewise had similar purchase options in expansions and hero and monster packs. I don't mind supporting something if it goes into development for making the experience better. But, I feel you! And if you like Gloomhaven better and got in for $50...more power to ya , bra! I also wondered after I dropped money what would happen if dropped the money on Gloomhaven. I 'd have that big box on the shelf, sorted and stored in the extra money I paid for the insert. Then I would actually play through the whole thing to benefit from the money I invested. Incidentally, while I was thinking, I busted out the Road to Legend App and played Descent all the stuff I already owned. 🤣
  2. Thanks for your input! I wish I would have been around for Descent 1E. I familiarized myself with the Gloomhaven rules and liked the idea of diceless system. The rest of it seemed a little bit more weighty for a boardgame. ( I was a fan (and still am), a fan of card driven rpg system in the 90s: Dragonlance Fifth Age Saga. The idea was somewhat similar to Gloomhaven, but in my opinion better. The idea that your hand was your health. Injuries made you drop cards instead of HP. Since you used the cards in your hand for every skill check in the game injuries sustained had a direct impact on your ability to make decisions. That meant something than watching your numbers drop. As your experience grew and levelled, your hand grew, along with your sustainability and options. Because you had cards in your hand, you could make decisions based on using your own personal stats to successfully complete a task. Fifth Age was a full fledged story driven rpg, and the rules and setup time were much less complicated than Gloomhaven. The whole game system folded TSR acquired new ownership. (See a pattern here). It was a diamond in the rough. My post was not entirely about which "game is better". I just hate to see games like Mansions of Madness, Descent, Imperial Assault go out of print. Those games were bridges that brought me to love FFG franchise. I think they should be developed and not discontinued. I think they have tremendous potential. Maybe a card based system could be woven in. (I know the tried with LtR) This is another personal opinion, but I think its noteworthy if people in publishing and marketing read this: One thing to consider is TIME. Time is a huge factor for adult gamers. I originally got into board and card based games because I thought they would be a lighter alternative to a time consuming tabletop RPG. Granted when I played tabletop rpgs, when there wasn't a need for miniatures or tiles. Things to took place in the "theater of the mind". Setup was much less than it is nowadays. So that begs a question: why should I play a thematic board or card game that takes 45 minutes to set up and 2.5 hours to play and put away, when I could play a much more immersive full fledged rpg...which is way more in depth and has better mechanics in almost the same amount of time? What I liked about Descent 2E was its versatility and the simplicity. It had an rpg feel that was more thematic than Chutes and Ladders. Painted miniatures and tiles make it really visually appealing. Innovative storage solutions reduced setup time without purchasing a third party storage solution that was the same cost of the game. You could play a scenario in about an 1.5 hours and decide if you wanted to play again. I don't see that with Gloomhaven and that's the "gold standard" trend setter for the future of dungeon crawlers. Descent could be improved drastically with less reliance on luck, more reliance on decision making, and perhaps the thematic aspects of MoM in game that could be played in under 2 hours? Again, I speak for myself, but if those criteria can't be met I might as well play a full fledged rpg. I want to see the Descent legacy continue. As an example, I can't readily make a retail purchase of Descent 1E in a retail store. Its gone the way of the dodo. (along with all the other games FFG that I like. ) I don't want to see that happen if you're listening Fantasy Flight Games!
  3. I am writing this rant in the hopes that it will capture attention from the people at FFG/Asmodee or whatever powers prevail over Descent's future. I can't for the life of me understand what the appeal of Gloomhaven is. Gloomhaven is lauded so heavily and become a benchmark goal for a marketable board game. Before you continue reading, I have to admit something: I've never played Gloomhaven. I read the rules, and lost interest almost immediately. I've watched tutorials as well as the game plays. Maybe my opinion would change if I played, but I doubt it. I can't get passed the idea in the time that I am taking to organize this massive game, learn the rulesets, setup and play.....I could be playing...Descent! Descent 2E is not a perfect game, by any means. To me, Its versatility still beats the pants off Gloomhaven. You can play it coo-op or with a narrator. You can play it solo or with friends. Its cousin SW: IA allowed you to play in skirmish mode. You can add expansions that add flare and changes to the way the game is played. You can decide whether or not to add those changes in your purchasing decisions. You can play with the core set, and keep it simple. You can play with every expansion ever made. The rules, may not be as detailed as Gloomhaven, but they are certainly are a lot easier to understand or explain to someone who is new to the game. Though I hear Gloomhaven storyline is quite thematic...if I was going to take the time to play a game that that much depth...I could probably play D&D. Descent has its own lightweight theme and if people wanted to learn more about Terrinoth the world is quite developed. I asked people what they thought of Gloomhaven. They told me how awesome it was. I asked them if they had ever tried Descent. Many of them strangely never heard of it. Unfortunately at the time, I didn't invite them to a game, but I found this answer peculiar. I understand this only one person's opinion. Maybe I'm miffed because my two favorite games Descent and MoM have a very uncertain future and I want to whine? I'm not sure if its failure in marketing or presentation, but I can't understand why GH rose to the top when Descent could definitely could continue to be published, developed and improved. It won't stop me from playing the current 2E. They can stop publishing it, that still doesn't make it a shame for future players. I was wondering what other people thought of this? Especially those who have played both Descent and GH more extensively than me.
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