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  1. Good Day, I am thinking of wading into Destiny now with my son for casual home play. I am drawn to the Luke and Boba Starter Set. Is this a good start? Also, how can I maximize drawing legacy (original trilogy characters) cards in the booster realm. I realize you can't avoid the newer IP, but are there any boosters that focus on original trilogy? Thanks, R
  2. Good Evening, I have two questions with respect to rules. 1. Can I win the game by eliminating the villain and leaving a Minion in play (without guard). Minion had Tough but I had an attack that would finish the villain first. Is this allowed? 2. Can an Alter-Ego be Stunned or Confused when resolving Encounter Cards? Overall, I love this game! I've never played solo games, but love this game in solo mode. The game plays like a nail bitting Marvel movie. And this from someone that is indifferent to the Disney roster of Marvel movies. Thanks for your help Rob
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