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  1. ΅Woah, Merrowinger69 that's fascinating! I assume by "one whole day" you mean the full 24-hour 😉 To get 10 more players' commitment is THE most challenging action. A special March Token probably applies! Many thanks for the ideas, they seem very fitting to the story. I am still not sure how you've managed to incorporate Bolton, Tully & Aegon Targaryen Houses and House Cards into play. Have you developed them by yourself or used what's available from the other expansions (never played other than the Mother of Dragons so i may be missing something) Best!
  2. Hey Merowinger69, Very interesting & relevant ideas indeed! Would you have more Hand of the King proposals per House? What i didn't get is how you managed to play w 11 players. Cheers, Xadji
  3. Finally managed to purchase directly from FF and get refunded by Steam. Thanks for your help Thaeggan!
  4. Such an intriguing discussion initiated 🙂 My birthday is mid - May and live in Greece, so the way things evolve i may have the extension available for my next half year "birthday"... Re: additional damage bonus keywords, I think it would make sense should the new enemies have different types of shields. What would also be interesting would be for different skills to achieve different "hits". For example Sword Level 3 Fate Bender tests either Might or Wisdom, could get different hit outcomes accordingly. Totally agree on Heavy/Medium armour options... fingers crossed
  5. thanks Thaeggan yes, i will contact Steam on the refund. cannot locate the proper Fantasy Flight email in order to address my query to... any ideas? thanks
  6. Love to play with 5 to make game last longer and complicate things to the max 🙂
  7. Thanks Thaeggan, yes, it's pretty clear to me that i 'm stuck with the Steam option and i may ask for a refund. i do not intend to upgrade/change my old non-network connected PC just to play this expansion. What i still cannot understand is the €7.49 price tag. One day it appears (on the visual of Ember Crown expansion) and the next day (today) it declares: "Unavailable". My intention was to play solo this game on the Android Tablet from the beginning.. much more comfortable Should i contact Fantasy Flight directly? Thanks for your ideas. Xadji
  8. Hello all, Currently finishing Core set for the 3rd time (all Normal/Hard/Adventure versions) on my Android tablet and tried to download the Ember Crown DLC. I purchased it from Steam and it took some time before i realised that (1) they do not support Android, (2) they neither support Windows XP which sadly my old PC runs on... I am about to ask for a refund for the €5 or so i paid (this is what their customer service suggests), but i bet there MUST be a way to make it work. After all there is a LOT of free time those €5 can buy... Another funny thing is that for a couple of days and only AFTER I purchased the specific DLC on Steam, there appeared a €7.49 tag price on my New Game/Select Campaign screen. BEFORE purchasing the only message i got was "unavailable". Can someone explain what might be going on? I don't mind paying the right price for the game, it's just a bit more complicated than expected... Thanks! X
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