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  1. thank you, then I might pick it up as a storytelling game:)
  2. Hi all, my question is: Is Arkham Horror 3rd Edition worth it for me? Here are some facts: - I love the LCG it is one of my favourite game, but there are some friends in my playing group who don’t speak english. (English is not my native language) So because of this, I play it solo only. While it’s a good experience, it’s too expensive for me as a “solo only” game. That’s why I think I trade it away, and buy some other games, what we can enjoy together (and of course playing solo sometimes) - I have Eldritch Horror and I love it too. Not as much as the LCG, I like that the card game has better storytelling, shorter playtime and less setup, but I like EH for the enormous globe trotting, the whole world is involved adventure feeling. That’s why I’m thinking about maybe Arkham 3 can “replace” the LCG , because only EH and AH3 came out in my language. So what do you think, if I love Eh and the lcg for different reasons, can AH3 replace the LCG for me? Is it worth to have EH and AH3 on the same shelf? I heard some negatives about AH3 that it’s gameplay is pandemic , and kinda boring, what do you think about this too? thanks for the help
  3. If I don't have second core box and I play the 2 4-scenario campaign together solo 2handed, then I have to build the decks again at the begining of the scenarios over and over again? (because I don't have cards for 4 investigator decks)
  4. thanks^^ is it okay if I pick up TFA after Dunwich first or should wait for Carcosa?
  5. Thank you all, I think I’ll pick up TFA , then Carcosa if it will be in stock again here.
  6. I think I have limited card pool with just one core set, full Dunwich and Dream-Eaters 1-5(waiting for the last pack before start), so I take player cards also in consideration ty for your examples, this helps a lot. The better storytelling and gameplay is more important than the cards so I can not say I’m only interested in them.
  7. Hi, I’ve read through many forums, these two cycle get the most hate it or love it, no in between.(for example almost everybody loves Carcosa) What is your opinion about them, why do you like or dislike them? Which has better storytelling and better player cards?
  8. hi all,I recently jumped into Ah lcg, and after the first scenario I fell in love with it. I decided to buy Dream Eaters, because it looked the most appealing, however after finishing the core campaign, I think I might finish an older cycle fist, to earn a lot of new cards for deckbuilding (and of course to enjoy the campaign), and then start DE. Carcosa is not available in any of my local stores, and Forgotten Age doesn’t look like interesting to me. Many people suggest Dunwich as first expansion, altough after I checked all of them, Circle seems much more interesting. But after reading some comments on forums, most people disliked it for various reasons(punishing, repetitive etc.)My question is, CU really is on the lower end of the rankings, and should buy Dunwich instead, or is it enjoyable?My biggest dilemma is that on first glance I find the Dunwich cards maybe more useful(I play with one core set, and dont’t really want to buy a second one), but TCU more interesting storywise.Thank you for your answers, and suggestions.
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