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  1. Those smalle Teeth! How did you do it?? I tried it, but it's so hard to Paint them, they're really small. Also, you have separate Teeth. How did you Paint lines between them? At mine, those Teeth in between the 2 big ones are just a white line.
  2. Wow, gulgotar is really nice. The blood on the sword, cool.
  3. So, I contact ffg. For the moment they couldn't find a solution, but they will look into this issue and hopefully have a fix for it in the near future. Meanwhile i made a connection with a USB c adapter to HDMI from the tv. That works fine.
  4. I use the feldherr solution. Because i wasn't in the mood to measure it all and start cutting foam. So i like, it protect the miniatures and the cards fit good. Also, The villans of eriador Expansion miniatures fit in this solution. I hope the upcoming figure pack Will fit in the shadow paths expansion foam. https://www.feldherr.net/en/for/the-lord-of-the-rings-board-game/feldherr-foam-set-for-the-lord-of-the-rings-journeys-in-middle-earth-board-game-box/a-58789
  5. So, i've test it. My thoughts where correct. It's the app. I tried it with my chromebook, 1080p nature videos on YouTube, no problem with the mirror cast. I also tried it with my smartphone, no problems, no delay, no flikkering. So if i mirror cast my chromebook, the app starts flikkering really hard, too annoying to controle it while the other players can enjoy it on a large screen, also there is the delay. We are playing with 5. But as i said before, even if i don't cast it there is some smale flikkering in the screen. Should i contact ffg? Thanks
  6. I Will test it. I have also installed the app on my smartphone, to test if it's the same problem. I Will let you know.
  7. Hello, I have the game for a while. Everything works great, no bugs and so on. I use a Asus chromebook. It's bizar, when i open the app, the screen is flikkering. Not that much that it is annoying. So Yesterday we want to cast the app from my chromebook to a tv screen, but when i start moving in the app, the screen Starts flikkering really hard, and there was a big delay between the tv and the chromebook. Maybe something is wrong with the app on a chromebook? The model is Asus c 434 t. Is somebody familiar with this problem? Thanks a lot.
  8. Thanks! In the 2nd adventures there was the battlemap. There where some terrain tokens (bush, firepit,..). Is it correct that they don't work the same as search tokens? I mean you can consult them, but it doesnt cost a interaction action? Also they wont disappear, they are there and you can benefit from their ability if you are in the same space? Thanks again!
  9. Hi there, Yesterday we finished the 2nd campaign. I played Elena. At a certain moment i had 2 facedown damage and 1 face up, after a counterattack one more face down damage Came tot me. So at that Point i have 3 facedown damage and 1 face up, as this number of damage is equal tot my limit, i make a last stand. Is that correct? Or does only the facedown damage counts for a last stand? Thanks a lot.
  10. Nevermind, i Found the answer in another topic. So yes, they are 2 separate actions. With a counterattack in between. So 2 counterattacks if the enemy is not defeated.
  11. Hello, Great topic! Another newbie question. If you use your 2 attack actions in the actions face, does the enemy perform a counterattack (if possible) in between the attack actions? So does the enemy make 2 counterattacks (if possible)? Or can you perform the 2 attacks, and resolve only one counterattack (if possible) after the 2 attacks actions. Thanks!
  12. Is it also correct that you suffer the damage and become emboldened? I mean, whether if you suffer damage or you can negate it, you become emboldened anyway?
  13. Sorry, i just finish the first adventure. I'm curious what follows in the next adventure. My English, my apologies.
  14. Thanks for the advice. i just finish the campaign. With Legolas and aragorn. Playing solo due to covid 19. It was close at the end, especially because of the thread events. Legolas has to make a last stand, but we survive. Very Nice game, i'm curious what tot continue the campaign... Probably more questions will follow.
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