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  1. Thanks Guys, damage was get as everytime I tried to move I bump at his millennium and had to roll a damage dice, always getting a hit (my bad lucky). I didn't know that a 3+ move could get me through the ship (fly pass), I was only considering the rule that gets me returning over the movement rule until clear the other ships base. I guess I realize the error now, I shouldn't be stuck in the end. I was playing version 1 indeed, but not entirely knowing the movement rules. Thank you guys for your complete responses on my question.
  2. Hello Guys, I have participated of a game where my opponent used his huge hull value of his Millennium Falcon to simply bump my empire ships forcing me to roll damage dices on all movements until my ships explodes. The rules related to bump avoided me to perform any action, as barrel rolls or impulses neutralizing my ships. I wasn't in a very good dice day and he repeated that on and on until destroy my Tie Advanced and Tie Phantom. I couldn't read anywhere a rule for this kind of situation. It didn't seem to be something planned, but as long as it worked my opponent took that as an Strategy. Despite of this been dirty play, is that any suggestion to avoid these situations?
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