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  1. I agree with all the sentiment above. I've tried running a 90+ points Poe with all the toys, and you just don't get the value out of the points. Sure, this will be annoying, but tricked-out Poe builds get too expensive, too fast on this chassis for them to become oppressive/meta.
  2. There are plenty of limitations already built into the card, so I don't see it too expensive. The lack of a token stack limit is nice, but since they are calculates, and you can only pull one per turn, it doesn't seem too powerful. I think this will most likely be competing with Optics, but I don't believe it's a better upgrade in a vacuum. I think 3 points is probably fair to start. I could maybe see it at 4 points since it's basically designed to go on low-initiative generics.
  3. Good point about the cannon, that does add a bit of utility; that might push the points a bit higher. Agreed on Bastian, he seems like an obvious candidate. Targeting Synchronizer would work well with him. Hopefully there are some good synergies with the new T-70 pilots, because outside of Poe/Jess, I don't think the other pilots offer enough action economy to justify 2 shots, with only one of them realistically being modded. Maybe I'm too pessimistic, but I fear this cannon will be just like every other cannon in the game, where they offer a decent effect but poor value given the current pricing. I'd hate to see these be dead on arrival due all the firing restrictions and an overweight price. I hadn't thought about combining it with New Temmin. That's an interesting combo. Being able to REALLY barrel roll could get a ship into unique positions, but I think it lacks the flexibility of putting it on Old Poe (since he can boost). New Poe could really help with other ships' boosting, but that might just be overly complicated for a low payoff. I'm not sure how to assess it's power level tbh, so I'll just have to see how it behaves on the table! I'd love to see some new astros that aren't of fringe-case use. I like the design of the unique Resistance astros, but they feel overcosted or niche, so right now I only ever use generic BB's, R3, or R4. Something new that competes with R4 for Poe, or adds utility to other strong pilots (Nien, Bastian, etc) would be great to see. I'm excited to see what they can do. Agreed on a calculate-add astro. I really like running C-3PO (usually on Rose), but I really only use it for a coordinate option on the pod, with the bonus of better action economy. Being able to take advantage of the super-coordinate would be cool. I've tried making it work with PZ-4CO on the Falcon, and investing another 6 points for infinite range isn't worth it imo.
  4. Double taps are powerful, but the criteria for firing this cannon are very onerous already, so I'm hoping that's priced in. Maybe 2 points? I'm on the fence for viability with this upgrade. Although it could be really useful, it also seems like something you would need to build around to make effective......... if you're sinking more points into an X-Wing to make a 2 die shot happen, maybe you're better off stripping upgrades and trying to fit in an A-Wing? Overdrive Thrusters can be powerful, but also somewhat niche? I don't see this really being used on anyone other than Old Poe, unless it's built specifically around New Poe squads. Hoping for 3 points or less on this. I think New Poe is good design and a welcome addition, but less spicy than historical Resistance abilities. Doesn't make it bad, just more Rebels-y and slightly less exciting. Temmin seems fun running with 3 other T-70's and coming in hot. I'm pretty amped to give him a shot. I'm really hoping we get another tech option. I think I saw that on the spread, and I hope it's something that can really push the Resistance chassis in a fun, new direction. PA is good utility, and Optics is great on A-wings, but I'd like a new tech that does more than just add to raw efficiency. I'd love to see another s-foil configuration. Having 2 different configurations to choose from would really help the T-70 to continue to be customized the way you want. I can't remember if they mentioned this was happening, or if they just had upgrades that interact with s-foil positionings. In either case, something that encourages decision-making on s-foil positioning can only be good. Lastly, I'm a big fan of Starbird Slash. I think that will be fun to add to A-Wings that are used to fill in a squad, and give them more value-add in something like XXAA.
  5. I fly a ton of Han, casually. I think 65 is a good spot for him. The chassis is definitely difficult to fly, with red rotate and bad dial, and it really misses the two shields from the Rebel version. But I find I usually can get solid value out of him each game, if you fly it carefully. I always staple Rey gunner on him. As long as he grabs either a lock or focus, he basically gets 3 hits every turn. The offensive consistency is unbelievable. I usually fly him with some combination of 1-2 A-wings, Finn, and Kaz, and as long as Han survives long enough to do some serious damage, you have a chance to win the game.
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