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  1. first of all, "easy" in AH does not really mean easy and I found that dunwich is easier than notz. playing with two investigators the max we got is 4 cultists to get a cultist you need at least 3 actions, 2 investigations and 1 parley, meaning 18 actions to get them all. you probably will have to move at least 1 time per turn and maybe have to damege those you can't parley so add 2 more actions per cultists and you will need 30 actions. you have 14 turns before midnight so you have 42 action at your disposal. if you draw a lot of auto fail tokens like me, you'll need more than 30 actions but those 12 more will probably be wasted on encounters and that means a lot moreif things don't go smooth. like someone said you need a lot of auto win cards
  2. I use house rules just to make it easier. The game is quite funny and challenging enough. the only one I use is to allow a player to choose a weakness. that way it can become something useful instead of harmful. I found a lot of people having problems with difficulty and suggesting some interesting house rules, like extra actions and others. I tried some of them but don't want to alter to much the game. the difficulty of this game gives me the chance to keep playing and being really (really, really) happy when I get even the smallest achievement.
  3. yeah that quite sums it up. some characters seemed lame but after getting more cards they turned out to be be useful. I don't have problems with the game difficulty as I stated from my first post. When you read a HPL novel you know the characters are going to die (if not already dead), so it's fair that I have to fight my way through victory. but what of the extra stuff when you buy a 2nd core set?
  4. not so silly since I know mulligan from playing magic (a long time ago) and I thought it worked the same way. you're right to say it helps a lot. still maybe I just have to realize that it's just a difficult game and so I have to keep playing and get the best of the cards and characters
  5. I sure do that but as long as I have cards to commit or I don't think I could need them in the rest of the game. fact is in a 0 difficulty situation in easy mode you have more negative tokens than good, so you have to commit a lot of cards
  6. what do you mean? I investigate with a 3 int versus 3 shroud. commit a card with a int icon and then draw a -2 token and that means I fail, right?
  7. when it says "play a card" does it mean I have to spend another action to paly that card?
  8. solo and 2 players just one core no I build trying to get the post form the special abilities. for instance I used a deck with agnes to take advantage of her ability with horror damage. I tried daisy but I found not many tomes to use. maybe cause I don't have all expansions I guess maybe Ii's just bad luck
  9. So I played some games and understand (and like) the fact that investigators facing godlike creatures are mostly going to die, but I wonder if I'm doing things wrong cause I die most of the time. Whenever I look at the -8 token, I wonder whenever I ma going to use it, if I can barely make through a -3. How do you succeed ability checks? How do you beat an enemy with 3 health? You have to spend 3 actions and hope they all succeed. And then? you're supposed to spend a lot of actions to do many other useful things. I played Night of the zealot. I got 2 cultists out of 6 and in the final showdown I had 4 of them waiting to be engaged. I mostly play 0 level characters cause I like to build them up along play via exp points, but I tried a deck with 2-5 level cards and still found difficult to beat the game in the easiest settings? So am I doing something wrong or is the game this difficult? anyone tried modyfing something to get it easier to beat it? I tried using more +1 tokens but still encountering enemies meant having to spend more actions to beat them
  10. combat training: if i have one in play, can the other investigator play another composure card?
  11. ever vigilant: when I play the assets do I have to use the other remaining actions or do I play them as fast?
  12. stick to the plan: do I need an action to play cards from the card or is exhausting it the only cost?
  13. hello, I'm new here. I 've been playing this game for some months mostly alone and every time new questions and doubts arise. when it comes to faq I find the answers but most of the time it's because of my misinterpretation of the rules Is there some place in this forum where I can ask all of my questions? thank you
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