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    vmoss reacted to FearLord in Few questions   
    No, but if he’s defeated by his consequential damage Rapid response could bring him back in the same turn and then his ability would no longer discard him.
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    vmoss reacted to DarthofZA in Few questions   
    No it is not.
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    vmoss reacted to jonboyjon1990 in Few questions   
    Falcon says: 
    The side scheme deck is not the encounter deck. 
    Even if Falcon could look at the top 3 cards of the side scheme deck, he obviously wouldn't find any treachery cards, so it'd be a waste of his ability. 
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    vmoss got a reaction from HirumaShigure in Few questions   
    Any test counters on main scheme 1b will be removed from play when you advance to stage 2. Generally speaking, when a card leaves play, you discard all other cards and counters on that card. The Acceleration Token is the exception to this rule.
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    vmoss reacted to jonboyjon1990 in Few questions   
    No, an attack is only considered defended if a character exhausted to defend - hero/ally 
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    vmoss reacted to maniakmedic in Quicksilver!   
    It's a new card, so there will be three copies since you can include three in a deck.
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    vmoss reacted to zeezeeman in Quicksilver!   
    Yes, but when the second copy comes into play, its Response text would also trigger, bringing in the third copy. 
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    vmoss got a reaction from aeixea in Caleb and Evan using antman/wasp cards   
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    vmoss got a reaction from IceHot42 in Arnim Zola Setup Questioin   
    The ally for the hero. eg. Capt. Marvel for Spiderwoman
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    vmoss got a reaction from darthweasel2 in Few questions   
    Any test counters on main scheme 1b will be removed from play when you advance to stage 2. Generally speaking, when a card leaves play, you discard all other cards and counters on that card. The Acceleration Token is the exception to this rule.
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    vmoss reacted to Venompuppy in Few questions   
    That is immensely helpful, thank you. It's kind of frustrating how nitpicky the rules are, but at the same time it wouldn't be a good game if it didn't have these rules.
    I shouldn't say nitpicky, more like complicated, and specific. Because only a person can be nitpicky, you can decide how strict you want to be on the exact rules. The only problem is that I am nitpicky about the rules. I believe the game can't function if you don't play by the rules, because then there are inconsistencies in 'your' game.
    I just don't have the same level of commitment as others to educate myself and logically deduce how different card effects and abilities react with one another. Really appreciate this thread in general.
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    vmoss reacted to Derrault in Few questions   
    Generation Why?
    When Revealed: Discard the top card of each player’s deck for each ally and PERSONA support in play. 
    So, count the allies in play, and count the Support cards with the PERSONA trait, add them together, and discard that many cards from everyone’s decks. 
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    vmoss reacted to maniakmedic in Champion's Choice   
    A) I haven't played with Spider-Woman yet, but I really dig Hawkeye's play style.
    B) I really enjoyed the Taskmaster scenario. Red Skull was pretty fun, too. I ran through the campaign with a Leadership Cap deck.
    C) War Machine (basic) and Black Knight
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    vmoss reacted to TheSpitfired in Champion's Choice   
    A) It's such a hard call. Hawkeye brings some fun stuff to the table but I love the ability to dual-spec Spiderwoman and I think of those two she will become my favorite.
    B) I'm still pretty early into the game, but I did bust out the Green Goblin pack over the weekend and take him up against my solo Hulk aggression deck. I ultimately didn't win but I love the theme of the Norman Osbourne/Green Goblin mechanic and I would say he's my favorite villain so far. We'll see how that changes once I get to RoRK. 
    C) Clear the Area and the new Kate Bishop Hawkeye ally. Great stuff!
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    vmoss reacted to HirumaShigure in Champion's Choice   
    A) I'll say Hawkeye  (because he's the character I'm using in the campaign), but I know Spider-Woman is going to be great. 
    B) Zola was fun. Maybe not as tough as Mutagen Formula but less to keep up with than Ultron. 
    C) Clear the Area and Team Training
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    vmoss reacted to maniakmedic in Few questions   
    Yes, whenever it says "discard", it goes to its respective discard pile: player discard for player cards, encounter discard for encounter cards.
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    vmoss reacted to FearLord in Few questions   
    It’s a hero action, so only available in hero form anyway (in case your alter ego gets the Avenger trait from Honorary Avenger for example).
    Ms Marvel couldn’t use it though  (unless someone else plays Honorary Avenger on her).
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    vmoss reacted to Orcdruid in Few questions   
    1. Yes, but only if your identity has the avenger trait. For example, when playing Black Widow you couldn't use it to ready in alter ego form(Natasha Romanov) because it is S.H.I.E.L.D and spy, not avenger. 
    2. Yes, unlike in Arkham Horror, where the Agenda can only advance in the mythos phase, the main scheme, in champions, advances whenever threat meets its threshold.
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    vmoss reacted to Tonbo Karasu in Few questions   
    You only shuffle if the game effect tells you to.  So something that says "look at the top card of the deck" gives you information on what that card is, but does not change where it is.
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    vmoss reacted to Assussanni in Few questions   
    Do you mean do you reshuffle your deck if there are fewer cards than you are permitted to look at/search? I don’t think so, you look at as many as you can.
    For example, if you only have four cards in your deck and use Hawkeye’s Quiver, you would only get to look at four cards instead of five. Any cards you didn’t draw would go back as your draw pile after the search is completed.
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    vmoss reacted to Vlad3theImpaler in Few questions   
    1)  No, they are things that happen as a response to the attack, not an attack themselves.
    2)  Yes, it's an additional cost every time he attacks. 
    I've found the best use for Wonder Man is in decks that use the card Teamwork, since that lets you add his attack power without him actually making an attack, so his extra cost doesn't kick in.
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    vmoss reacted to Tonbo Karasu in Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew Discussion Thread   
    Pretty sure it isn't.
    Checked the rule Reference:
    "Playing a card involves paying the card’s cost and placing the card in the play area."
    You're not paying the cost of the cards you use for payment so they are not played, merely used.
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    vmoss reacted to Assussanni in Few questions   
    Klaw’s main schemes specify that cards are discarded until a minion is found, then the minion is put into play (from the discard pile). In game terms the Weapons Runner has never been revealed and so surge does not trigger.
    I hope that helps!
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    vmoss reacted to Duciris in Wave II Heroes   

    I like that his hero actions/responses are dependent upon which hero form he is in.  He and the Wasp should offer increased complexity and strategy with greater rewards.
    Apparently coming with Leadership.  You can include his own ally cards in his deck as they are the other men who bore his mantel (Hank Pym & Raz Malhotra):

    They are doubling down on the ally build with their second Leadership focused release.  Ant-Man (Hank Pym) Stinger are going to be a very easy includes, the former costing however many hit points you want (up to 4) and the latter (1-cost) not counting against your limit of heroes.
    Reinforced Suit makes Inspired more appealing, and along side Honorary Avenger can make a given ally's staying power significant.  It also makes the ally Iron Man's ability more impactful, increasing his likeliness to see play.

    I'm wondering if Moxie isn't something to the effect of, "Hero Response: Exhaust your hero to give each of your allies +1 ATK & +1 DEF until the end of the round."
    I think Moment of Triumph is, "Hero Response: After you attack and defeat an enemy, heal 1 damage from your hero for each point of excess damage dealt by this attack."  It should pair well with Rocket.  Not sure why it isn't an interrupt, however, assuming I'm right.
    I don't mind the 3-sided card, but my cohorts are hoping for promo versions of Ant-Man and Wasp's giant forms so they can just sleeve them without detriment to play.
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    vmoss reacted to Humantorch101 in Champion's Choice   
    Hawkeye, for thematic reasons, he has always been a favourite of mine. 
    The armor would have to go, the arc reactor is so key. 
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