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  1. Against red sk., can Falcon choose to look at the side scheme encounter deck instead? Thank you.
  2. Desperate defense: do one have to use card before flipping over the boost card? Thank you.
  3. Yes, I think the same principle applies and you stop discarding.
  4. 1. I understand that kang's attachment and status cards do not carry over to the next scheme. How about the player obligations? 2. Kang's dominion ss does not allow the hero to attack kang. Does this include kang (m of time)? Thank you.
  5. If stun, can she hulk use (attack) one two punch to get ready? Thank you.
  6. Spiderman Aggression Basic quick KO of Crossbones. Lucky draws: R1: SWK and Hulk R2 SWK and Hulk (wild=6pts damage 3+2+1)!
  7. Under the newer defense rules, is shield block considered to be a defense against hydra flame soldier's boost? Thank you.
  8. Thank you. I missed the second response.
  9. The response says: search for a copy. Does "a" not usually mean 1 copy? Thanks.
  10. We may only get 2 total copies for playing them. Also still the usual 3 ally limit.
  11. also: https://hallofheroeslcg.com/ant-man/ https://hallofheroeslcg.com/wasp/
  12. The ally for the hero. eg. Capt. Marvel for Spiderwoman
  13. Yes. Thank you. So this card is not that bad, often one can use an ally to block. Does retaliate trigger with overkill? Thank you.
  14. Power gauntlets (e. weapon): Does you refer to hero or hero and allies? Thank you.
  15. Some new rulings https://hallofheroeslcg.com/official-ffg-rulings/?fbclid=IwAR1Kjhqxl0ZMlz1Af4lPvuGTu76UF5mR_zdNMyOXXUBIEHwBRpDfpaHw35Q#redskull Including: What happens to test counters in the Zola scenario when you move to a new stage? Any test counters on main scheme 1b will be removed from play when you advance to stage 2. Generally speaking, when a card leaves play, you discard all other cards and counters on that card. The Acceleration Token is the exception to this rule. -Caleb
  16. Generation why: Discards for persona only (max 3) or also for allies (max 7)? Thank you.
  17. Tonight, Ironman aggression solo vs taskmaster. Drew 3 straight captured by hydra in the same round. In round 6, victory through 2 supersonic punches (with aerial).
  18. Equally adept as part of a team or striking out on her own, Wasp makes a crucial addition to any player’s collection of cards for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Look for the Wasp Hero Pack to release this November! If this releases in nov. as per article, we may still get antman in oct or nov!
  19. Played quite a bit this weekend of the fun new expansions solo. Your favorites so far? a) hero (spiderwoman or hawkeye) b) villian c) new cards a) Spiderwoman (seems a lot more powerful (level of the captains)) b) not sure yet c) two strong new cards (pheromones and earth's mightiest heroes) Thank you.
  20. For Clint's obligation 2nd choice, is the bow discarded into the discard pile? If so, he would be able to find it with an action soon. Thank you.
  21. 1.Can Earth's mightiest heroes be used to ready your hero's identity. If yes, very strong card. 2. For red sk's scenario by adding threat from delay counters, one can complete stage one of main scheme before game start (eg 9 counters)? Thank you.
  22. When looking at top card of decks (h. quiver or s. futurist), if needed do one get to shuffle and look at remaining cards? Thank you.
  23. 1. Are ally hulk follow up damage considered attacks (ie. subject to guard or retaliate)? 2. Does wonder man have to pay 1 card/attack (eg get ready)? Thank you.
  24. Would a power of card used for payment (eg. used as a wild) be consider as playing that aspect card? Thank you.
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